Interior 101: Mid-Century Modern Interiors


A mélange of functionality, simplicity, and elegance, mid-century modern interiors are a sight to behold. The mid-century modern interior style is said to have been popular between the mid-1930s and the mid-1960s. We may be well into the 21st century, but this style remains timeless as people continue to replicate it in their homes.

What Makes up Mid-Century Modern Interior?

What defines the mid-century modern style are its elements, such as:

Mid Century Modern Colour Combinations

This style is all-encompassing about the colours used. You can choose from vibrant, bold hues (a reflection of the 1950s) like bright orange, sunny yellow, or turquoise to soothing, neutral tones (inspired from the 1960s) like olive green, tan, or even white. Do not more than 3-4 colours, and don’t pull back your wish from experimenting with bold textures and patterns either.

mid century modern colour

Mid Century Modern Materials

Without a doubt, wood was and continues to be a major liberally-used material in this style. Be it solid wood or veneer—the mid-century modern style is quite inclusive.

Moreover, it was around the time when mid-century modern interiors started making it big; plastic started being used prominently in home decor and furniture. The aptness of getting into any shape with clean and fine curved lines made it an essential key material. The use of other non-traditional materials like plywood, metal, vinyl, Plexiglas, glass, and acrylic is also worth noting.

mid century modern material

Practical Furniture

Formal and practical furniture is a must-have when going to the mid-century modern interiors. The perfect texture of the furniture with sleek lines and curved bases smoothed edges, and without any adornment is typical to this style. Plastic shell chairs and cocooning lounges are some such pieces.

Stick to the “less is more” policy and try to find a signature piece that brings together all your other furniture. Some classic touches to mid-century modern style furniture pieces include matte finishes, streamlined seating, and hairpin legs. The use of partitions and cabins of different heights to create separate areas seems ordinary.

mid-century modern home furniture

Mid Century Modern Style Lighting

Mid-century modern style lighting options range from floor, desk, or table lamps in simple, geometric, curved shapes and ceiling lights, like exposed bulbs on peculiarly-shaped asymmetrical designs or radiating rods chttp://https;//

It’s important to remember that with every element, the emphasis is on being inclusive, simple, and fuss-free—all at the same time.

mid-century modern homes

What Sets Mid-Century Modern Interiors Apart?

The mid-century modern style, have been influenced by different decades, has unique features like:

  • Focusing on functionality (the function of the element takes precedence over its form) 
  • Minimal ornamentation (clean and simple furniture, lighting, rugs, and the like)
  • Using both traditional and non-traditional materials
  • Juxtaposing different (at times, contrasting) materials
  • Decluttered spaces with clean lines, and organic and geometric forms

It’s these characteristics that make this style so well-loved and famous even today.

How to Incorporate the Mid-Century Modern Style in Your Home

Adding a touch of this classic style in your home can require you to do anything from making small additions to giving your home a facelift—the choice is entirely yours! Here are some tips to help you give your home a mid-century modern look without going overboard:

1. Get Your Lights Right

Artistic lights and fixtures were an integral part of mid-century modern style homes. Pendant lights and fixtures are a great place to start because they are both functional and gorgeous. Remember, this style isn’t about getting matching lamp sets but about being unafraid to experiment. Chandeliers and slim, curvy-base table lamps in bold colours are some other choices.

2. It’s all About Wood!

Skip any furniture made of engineered pressed wood because mid-century modern interiors are significant on contemporary wood furniture with clean lines of oak, teak, rosewood, and walnut. If finding such wooden pieces proves to be difficult, you can even purchase modern-made replicas with such details.

2. White is in

Painting the walls white is an easy design solution from the mid-century modern era to showcase the room’s high-quality furnishings by neutralising the possibility of distractions.

3. The Future is Here

You didn’t think we’d forget the kitchen, did you? Giving your kitchen a futuristic look is another way to add a mid-century modern style dash to your home. This means your kitchen must have clean, uncluttered lines. Replace curved, fancy cabins with flat, plain wood ones. You can also upgrade your countertops by getting marble or stainless steel surfaces.

4. Say Cheers

Including a built-in bar or a bar, the cart is another fabulous way of making your home reminiscent of a mid-century modern home. Don’t forget to add cocktail shakers, vintage glasses, expensive liquors, and ornate decanters to the bar. A bar cart is quite helpful during parties because of its portability.

5. It’s the Little Things That Matter!

Focus on smaller details, like adding eye-catching artwork to your walls. A sizeable graphic oil painting, an artistic metal wall plaque, or a retro graphic wall hanging using circles or squares can make all the difference in making your home go from looking mundane to breathtaking. However, don’t clutter your wall with art pieces. Investing in 1-2 high-quality parts is better than buying several inexpensive items.

6. Being Unique Pays

The mid-century modern interior style is all about skipping mass-produced furniture and getting your hands on unique products from vintage shops, flea markets, etc.. Look for out-of-the-box old furniture with mid-century legs, clean lines, and bold patterns.

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