Arch Design between Living Room and Dining Room



Making a home out of a neatly constructed house is a dream of almost every individual. However, only a few experience the pride of designing and furnishing every nook and corner of their home. Since you are here, why not dive deep into the concept arch designs that could beautifully transform the drawing rooms and dining rooms of your home?

In medieval times, people built an arch instead of beams to support their houses. Today, the arch fulfils the purpose of beautification. It helps people to stick to their roots and adds an ethnic value to their home.

If you have an arch in your home and are wondering how to design it, here are some freshly brewed ideas brought to you by HomeLane:

Laying Bricks

When it comes to arch designs between the living room and dining room, bricks go a long way. If you want to give your walls a royal and rustic look, painted bricks along the curve of the arch can do the trick. A smooth wooden flooring and huge wall lights with golden coloured bulbs fitted on both sides of the arch can be the cherry on the cake. To complement the royal look of your living room, hang an ancient-looking fan and some fancy lights on the roof. You can now casually sip red wine on a Friday night while adding heavenly pictures to your Instagram feed.

living room and dining room arch design

Nothing but Sophistication

What better arch design could complement your living room and dining room than gold and silver wallpapers? This classic arch design between the living room and dining room is perfect for people who do not wish to clutter the space by adding way too many accessories. So, all you need is a fancy yet small-sized chandelier on the roof of your living room, some photo frames pinned on the wall, essential furniture, your favourite wallpaper and that is it! To lend it a more homely vibe, you can get some family pictures framed on the wall or place them on the cabinet. A wallpaper with rich prints and patterns will do the job of creating a positive aura all-around your home.

open living room arch designs

Arch Designs with Kitchen Adjacent to the Dining Room

Not only do you have an arch between your dining room and living room, but one that is also adjacent to the kitchen? Do not worry, we have you covered! Subtle paint colours along with gentle lighting will add value to the classy furniture you have already purchased. To make the arch design shine, you can paint it in a colour that is slightly different from the one on the rest of your walls. If you have a velvet cased chair set, an ivory colour will complement them, turning your dining room into your favourite spot.

Mirrors Never Go Out of Fashion

You need to meticulously plan the arch design between the living room and dining room as it will impact the two most important rooms of your home. To give your home a posh look, you can build a cavity in the wall joining the living room and the dining room adjacent to the arch and decorate it with mirrors. Mirrors are the easiest, cheapest way to decorate your room; it is also the only way that never goes out of style. The arch can be decorated with wallpapers complementing the mirrors. The mirrors will give your rooms the vibe of a kaleidoscope. What could be a more artistic idea than this? Further, you can place fresh flowers soaked in water to add some fragrance and colour to the room.

Use Modern Art to Make Your Dining Room An Eye Catcher

Who said that while constructing an arch design you must follow the conventional way? You can build it in any shape or size you like!  For the sake of symmetry, people tend to opt for a rectangular arch instead of the usual semicircle. Moreover, a rectangular shape will add to the utility of the arch since now you will get to place decorative items on the slab outlet. To give your home a modern finish, a rectangular arch can be a great start.

Furthermore, you can hang modern art on the walls to give your home an artsy vibe. The art tells the world a lot about the owner, so remember to choose wisely. Next, add your preferred decorative items like plants, hanging lights, ceramic vase and the list goes on.

Do not forget that arch designs between the living room and dining room will have access to both the rooms. Thus the more neutral the design, the better. Arch designs can be tricky to choose from, but the effort is worth it. In fact, designing them can be the most memorable part of building and decorating your home. HomeLane provides you with customisable options for each and every look, be it royal, modern, ethnic, Mediterranean, wooden or almost anything you can imagine.

HomeLane gets how vital decorating your house is to you. Let us lend you a helping hand in selecting what would be the best for turning your house made of bricks into a home filled with love and bliss.