Vastu Tips for North Facing Homes


Vastu Shastra refers to the role that architecture and directions play in making a house a positive dwelling. What things are placed in a house and how they are placed drastically affects the environment of the house. That is why it is important to understand the vital role that Vastu can play in making your house a dream home. In other words, how Vastu can create positive and comforting vibes in your house for you to prosper. 

What is Vastu?

‘Vastu’ is a Sanskrit term that means a dwelling or a house with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture that talks about the designs, layout, measurements, arrangement, geometry, etc., of things in a home. According to Vastu Shastra, the placement and directions of objects and rooms immensely affect the overall environment. 

Why Follow Vastu?

The simplest answer to this question would be, why not? We must acknowledge the importance of Vastu and understand why millions of people follow it worldwide. According to the ancient manuscripts of India, Vastu can make your home a pleasant and prosperous place to live in if the Vastu tips are followed correctly and deterministically. Vastu is important because besides having plenty of positive effects on the house and its people, it resolves progeny problems. Moreover, it takes care of all the house members’ health and well-being and ensures a positive flow of energy.

In this blog, we will discuss Vastu tips for North Facing Homes or North Elevation Homes. North Facing Homes are very auspicious as Kuber, the God of wealth, guides them. However, for an even and positive flow of energy, one must sincerely follow the Vastu tips. 


  • Keep the master bedroom in the southwest part of the house. 
  • Keep the kitchen either in the southeast or the northwest part of the house.
  • Keep the garage either in the southeast or the northwest part of your house.
  • Keep the level of the floors lower than the central room’s level for progress and popularity.
  • Keep the guest room in the northwest zone of the house.
  • Keep the praying room and the living room in the northeast corner of your house.
  • Keep the source of all the electric power in the southeast part of your house so that all the energy inside the house is well balanced and distributed evenly to all parts.


  • Do not have a plot in your house that slopes from north to south.
  • Do not keep septic tanks in the northeast zone.
  • Do not make the kitchen, bedroom, garage, and toilets in the northeast corner of the house.
  • Do not keep litter or trash in the north or northeast corner of the house as it might hurt your finances and child’s development.
  • Do not have trees on the northern side of your home.
  • Do not keep Holy items in your home – paintings, symbols, or portraits – in a scattered way.

A well-developed north-facing property brings good health and leadership qualities to the women of the house. You can get to know more about Vastu tips and their association with architecture on HomeLane. Vastu not only provides a positive energy flow in the house but can also attract positive energy and wealth. In addition, the positive effects of Vastu nurture young ones and safeguard the health of all family members.