IKD Designer Shares Tips for Affordable IKEA Laundry Rooms

dark laundry room cabinets


IKD designer Merari explains how to create an affordable and attractive IKEA laundry room

For IKEA customers who’ve already remodeled their kitchen and looking for a new project, the IKEA laundry room may be just the thing.

In fact, our design team knows that an IKEA laundry room can add a lot of style and reduce stress for your family by providing an affordable space that makes your home more organized, efficient and flexible. In fact, picking the right products for the laundry room can create a safer and less taxing situation each time you are loading and unloading your laundry.Plus having unique storage options and workspaces can really maximize your layout and save you time.

dark laundry room cabinets

That said, we decided to interview IKD designer Merari to discuss how to create IKEA laundry rooms that seamlessly fit the style of your home — and your budget. After all, being budget-conscious does not mean you have to sacrifice style or compromise on having an efficient space.

Let’s see how to make that happen!

So Merari, what are the keys to an effective IKEA laundry room?

“One of the keys is being able to design a stacked washer/dryer. You want to create an efficient workflow in the room and a stacked washer/dryer is a great way to achieve that. For one, it provides a lot of design flexibility stylistically. It also reduces extra lifting and squatting, so it’s easier on your back as well. The other important thing is to have space for a counter folding area and hanging clothes. You want to be able to seamlessly fold your clothes and have your suits wrinkle free so you can look your best!”

white laundry room cabinets

Which IKEA cabinets (or custom cabinets) are popular choices for IKEA laundry rooms?

“I would recommend combining IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework with a tall pull-out unit for cleaning supplies. This is important for having all of the necessary detergents at easy reach and other cleaning supplies too. You can also choose more customized styles, such as IKEA’s JUTIS aluminum cabinet with glass doors. Laundry rooms can get pretty messy, especially if it is combined with an IKEA mudroom. We also have designed a lot of pet-friendly designs, so we might include a pullout for dog food, for example. The other thing is laundry rooms are really conducive to IKD’s cabinet hacks. One hack is to use IKEA cabinets with a trash accessory pullout, but to be used for baskets or hampers. It is perfect for placing dirty laundry in without it cluttering up (or smelling up!) the space. It is a great way to maximize space and create a clever IKEA laundry room storage solution.”

organized laundry room design

What are the best ways (product selection, layouts, etc.) to save money with” these projects?

“I suggest working with a single cabinet height for the upper cabinets. I also suggest customers try to keep standard cabinets as much as possible, just with a couple of accessories added. This creates a more streamlined look in the laundry room. Another option is to use open IKEA cabinets for baskets, or consider the IKEA NYSJON laundry cabinet in white, which simplifies sorting clothes — perfect for families with kids! Open cabinets really maximize the space and provide extra storage options in your IKEA laundry room.To that end, we also recommend a folding area with open space below rather than using full cabinets. This again is a great way to incorporate storage options that are practical and stylish. It gives the illusion of additional space and also an efficient workspace as well.”

What would you say are the biggest challenges with designing IKEA laundry rooms?

“Laundry rooms present unique challenges that other rooms don’t, especially smaller ones. For example, appliances can’t be relocated or moved a few inches in a laundry room.So, it can be a challenge to design a laundry room around a sink cabinet or any other appliance within the existing space. Small rooms are also challenging if they have multiple accessories and working areas. Plus if soffits, columns, or windows can’t be moved and there’s not enough clearance for moving things around, it can really be a challenge too. That’s why I always tell my clients to keep it simple!”

How do you address those challenges?

“I try to be creative.Since we have an understanding of the IKEA product, we can decide if it’s easier to modify cabinets [for an IKEA hack] or use the best IKEA cabinet sizes that will work within the space. That is why I will definitely schedule a phone call with the customer, or send a quick sketch with what IKEA cabinets and appliances can be considered in the design and the things that don’t work.So together we can make decisions while discussing design and product selection options. That’s also why it’s important that if customers have done research on design Web sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest that they provide inspiration photos. It really makes a difference in for their laundry room layout.”

pure white laundry room rendering

Typically, are these projects done along with other rooms in the home or are the laundry rooms a stand-alone remodel project?

“Overall, most laundry room projects are like stand-alone remodel layouts. This way we can focus just in the laundry space to create a functional design that fits the lifestyle of the client. As I mentioned before, the space can also be combined with a mudroom or used as a space for the needs of the family pet as well.”

Lastly, what’s one thing you’d like your customers to know about the benefits of IKEA laundry rooms?

“That by using IKEA accessories and SKU’s, IKEA customers can keep the laundry room organized, with quality cabinets at a lower price. So it is possible to have an affordable IKEA laundry room that meets all of your needs.”

Learn more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bath, laundry room and other rooms at inspiredkitchendesign.com.

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