Hidden studio: Cantilevered Guest Pavilion Cloaked in a World of Green

Cantilevered form of the guest pavilion allows those inside to take in wonderful views of the 20 acre lot


A 20-acre property sprawling with ample greenery is ample space for a beautiful home, writer’s studio and a whole lot more. Taking advantage of one of the greener nooks of this vast estate in Coopers Shoot, New south Wales, the Hidden Studio serves as a fabulous guest pavilion that combines uncomplicated living with unabated natural views. Designed by Harley Graham Architects, the unique cantilevered escape is minimal, stylish and inviting at the same time. From the outside, you can barely see the pavilion in all its glory thanks to natural canopy and a layer of green covering it almost entirely.

Cantilevered form of the guest pavilion allows those inside to take in wonderful views of the 20 acre lot
Cantilevered form of the guest pavilion allows those inside to take in wonderful views of the 20 acre lot


The design of the pavilion was planned to ensure that it did not infringe on the site dramatically and the existing greenery was preserved as much as possible. This led to the cantilevered design that also lets those inside take in the many wonderful, natural views. Apart from the metallic bones of the structure, you have a white and wood color scheme taking over on the inside. Then there is the series of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that effortlessly bring the outdoors inside. [Photography: Andy McPherson]

Green refuge in Coopers Shoot with beautiful views of the landscape
Metallic beams and glass walls create the ingenious structure of the Hidden Studio
Natural green canopy all around the cabin ensures there is no lack of privacy in here
Tranquil reading nook of the guest studio with captivating views
View of the lush green lot from the guest retreat of Hidden Studio in Cooper Shoot

Conceptually the studio was imagined as a place of refuge, akin to a raised cave or rock shelf, eaten out by waves. By nestling the structure within the existing forest, the cabin space achieved both privacy and unparalleled vistas, now enjoyed by friends and family of the clients as well as holiday makers to Byron Bay.

Wood and white design of the living and dining area of the Hidden Studio
Concealed entrance to the Hidden Studio in Coopers Shoot surrounded by greenery
Custom wooden cabinetry throughout the Hidden Studio helps tuck away mess
Floor-to-ceiling glass walls usher the outdoors inside at this elevated guest space

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