Awesome Multifunctional Platform Maximizes Space Inside 25 Sqm Micro-Apartment

25 sqm micro-apartment in Jakarta with space-savvy design and custom multi-funtional platform


Admittedly, a micro-apartment in the big city is not for everyone. Some might find it just way too cramped for their daily life while larger families simply cannot squeeze into these super-tiny spaces. But for those single and just starting out in the big city or for a young couple happy to save up on resources while adjusting in the tiny apartment, these small nooks are just perfect indeed. Created with custom spatial solutions by co + in collaborative lab, this super small apartment in bustling neighborhood of Jakarta is one such micro-apartment that leaves you spellbound with its nifty use of limited square footage.

25 sqm micro-apartment in Jakarta with space-savvy design and custom multi-funtional platform
25 sqm micro-apartment in Jakarta with space-savvy design and custom multi-functional platform


The 25-square meter apartment interior does not have much space to spare for specialized rooms and that is why you get a living area that also acts as the study, dining space and the bedroom, all at once. A bespoke multifunction platform in wood is the central piece of this composition with its design hiding within it a work desk, multiple storage units, wardrobes, and also accommodating a platform bed on it its top. This essentially becomes the heart of the new interior that remains cheerful and light-filled.

A delightfully-lit wall ledge, a sofa that can be turned into an additional bed for guests and a small, single-wall kitchen complete this apartment makeover that is anything but mundane.

Decorating the slim floating shelf in stone that offers additional storage space
LED strip lighting illuminates the lone floating shelf in the backdrop
Platform bed above the central multi-functional platform is a smart, space-saving idea
Smart multi-functional platform of the Jakarta Apartment that solves spatial problems
Space to sit, relax and even catch up on your favorite TV shows

To visually connect the apartment, the cabinetry is highlighted with a slightly darker shade vertical lining detail of the main timber structure, with an additional fluted panel profile to make the room look much taller. The multifunctional wall ledge in the marble motif also helps to put a perception of a deeper room with the bold horizontal lining.

Tiny kitchen of the home with gorgeous lighting that steals the spotlight
Ultra-small single-wall kitchen at the start of the apartment
View of the tiny apartment from the small bathroom
Custom wooden platform with multiple storage and functional options in the center of the apartment

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