Why hanging eucalyptus in your shower is a TikTok trend worth trying



The bath bouquet is the latest TikTok trend we’ve seen cropping up on our timelines. People are hanging eucalyptus in the shower to give their bathrooms a spa-like feel.

Not only does it add a little greenery – never a bad thing – but the steam from your morning shower helps to release the essential oils in the leaves. Here’s why this bathroom trend is one worth trying.

eucalyptus in shower

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Eucalyptus in the shower

The essential oils in eucalyptus can help to relieve congestion, ideal for autumn and winter when we’re more likely to feel bunged up with coughs and colds. Eucalyptus oil has also been reported to help in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

A study has shown that inhaling air infused with eucalyptus oil can significantly lower your blood pressure, too. As long as you find the smell pleasant, it definitely earns its place in your bathroom.

But, before you try it, it’s worth noting that the scent won’t be super strong. Don’t expect to be knocked out by the smell.

eucalyptus in shower

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From our own experience, it’s best to roll a wine bottle over a bunch of fresh eucalyptus a few times to help release the oils. Then, tie it under the showerhead and it will make the bathroom smell of eucalyptus each time you bathe.

If you’re blessed with a small bathroom or shower room, you might find the scent is stronger. The smell will last for a couple of weeks depending on your household’s shower schedules.

Eucalyptus in the shower is a fairly cheap bathroom idea that will add a touch of luxury to your space, and brings an extra calming spa vibe to your shower. Aside from its essential oils, some eucalyptus is a great way to add texture to your bathroom.

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‘But this isn’t the only plant we should be using in our “bath bouquets,”’ comments Dominic Lees-Bell from bathroom company Drench. ‘Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass are four more alternatives with fantastic health benefits.’

Although you might only use lemongrass for cooking, it’s said to help with various digestive problems. It also contains an oil called citronella, which repels spiders – ideal for this time of year as more creepy crawlies enter our homes.

Will you be trying some eucalyptus in your shower?

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