Built-in Outdoor Benches: Small Relaxing Escapes for Everyone


Time for enjoying the outdoors might be quickly coming to an end in many parts of the globe and unless you live close to the tropics, the arrival of mid-October means you start spending more time indoors than outdoors again. Of course, with the lingering impact of a global pandemic keeping us inside for a majority of the last two years, the winter months might just see many homeowners daring the cold to still spend some time outside. And the safest place for this is undoubtedly the patio, deck, balcony or garden of your home.

Wooden built-in bench, pergola and deck along with lovely plants create an urban green refug
Wooden built-in bench, pergola and deck along with lovely plants create an urban green refuge [From: laura garner design]

We understand the flexibility and ease that modern outdoor furniture brings to the curated landscape. Yet, there is something undeniably charming and beautiful about the built-in bench. Built-in benches come in a wide range of styles and finishes with many of the ushering in additional perks. Even the tiniest urban escape can be improved with these custom masterpieces. (As you will soon discover below). Gorgeous and ergonomic, this is a look at some of the loveliest outdoor built-in benches and what makes them so special –

Small and stylish Settings

The built-in bench in the small garden, or urban courtyard comes in mighty handy in more ways than one if you pick the right design. These custom benches can fit exactly into the design plan of the backyard, make maximum utilization of space and provide comfortable sitting space for everyone in the family. As an added bonus, you can always create some storage area underneath this bench to ensure that you tuck away everything that is not in use during winters and rainy season. Built-in benches can be curved or you can even build a couple of tiny benches on either side of the tiny backyard to create a wonderful sitting space.

Fabulous built-in bench for the contemporary patio also embraces greenery [From: Zulufish]
Slim and stylish wooden built-in bench for the small contemporary backyard [From: Meraki Home Design]
Colorful pillows and cushions add cheerful charm to the wooden built-in bench on the patio [From: Rodriguez Studio Architecture]
Contemporary built-in bench with sleek design is perfect for the small urban backyard [From: Karen Rogers – KR Garden Design]

Enjoy the View and the Weather

Let us get to the nitty-gritty of creating that functional built-in bench that uplifts your outdoor space. Start by choosing where you would want this bench to be placed by considering the view on offer and how many people it needs to seat. Then there is the question of material and currently both concrete and wood are the most popular choices. Apart from choosing the right spot and material for it, ensure that it fits in with the style of the deck, is in proportion with other seats (if any) in the area and any fireplace next to it. Consider how your needs might evolve in the near future, before you settle on the design of the built-in bench.

Slate tile and concrete along with a fire pit shape this fabulous outdoor sitting area with captivating view [From: June Scott Design]
Comfy contemporary outdoor built-in bench with a gorgeous fireplace next to it [From: gonterman custom homes]
Corner built-in benches are great space savers both on the inside and outdoors!

Decorative Elements and Greenery

There are plenty of ways in which even the most basic and minimal built-in bench can become the highlight of your outdoor space. Fill the space around the bench with small, flowering plants and ample greenery to turn the area into a green refuge. Add a few custom outdoor pillows in bright colors and change them seasonally for a more vibrant and comfortable built-in bench. A covered pergola above the bench can provide the necessary shade while LED lights outside can turn this modest space into a relaxing escape even after sunset.

Cozy and timeless Mediterranean patio with a built-in bench that oozes class and luxury [From: DD Ford Construction]
Finding the right space for the built-in outdoor bench
Smart and polished contemporary patio with a lovely built-in bench, string lights and greenery [From: Sketch Building Design]
Compact and covered contemporary patio with a wonderful built-in bench

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