This is the colour to never paint your kitchen, according to colour psychologists

dark grey kitchen with island and tan bar stool


Colour experts have revealed the paint tones to steer clear of in the heart of the home. Getting a new kitchen – or even updating it – can feel overwhelming.

So it’s good to rule a few things out from the get-go when thinking of kitchen ideas. According to colour psychologist Lee Chambers, brown and dark grey paint has no place in the kitchen.

dark grey kitchen with island and tan bar stool

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Unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge open-plan space complete with kitchen island, your kitchen is bound to be more petite than you’d like. Often a relatively compact room, it’s still got to meet the demands of everyday life.

The colour to never paint your kitchen

Smart small kitchen ideas will make it a practical area to prepare food and have a debrief of the day. Because kitchens are often small, Lee says that dark greys and browns aren’t ideal. They could ‘make a space feel colder and less inviting,’ he says.

He says that while this may go against trends, they might make cooking and hanging out in the kitchen less appealing. Lee comments that the kitchen is a ‘space where cleanliness is paramount,’ and ‘these colours are synonymous with dirt and a lack of sterility.’

Industrial kitchen diner with chalkboard wall, copper lights, metal chairs

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Although brown and grey are both considered to have a grounding quality, they can also induce an element of sadness. The colour psychologist goes on to say that grey and brown could even ‘blunt the creativity of your cooking and socialising.’

‘It is also worth considering the opposite,’ he adds. If you do get stressed and on edge while preparing a big meal, the intensity of a bright and bold colour might be too much, leaving you irritated and overwhelmed, he says.

So, whether choosing the colour of your kitchen cabinets or walls, what should you go for? ‘My advice is to go for a lighter, warmer tone that opens up the space, feels welcoming and creates a social ambience that complements all the uses of the space,’ says Lee.

White kitchen with butler sink

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Lick’s Head Colourist and Interiors Expert, Natasha Bradley advises clients to stay away from blue in their kitchens. ‘Blue is a known appetite suppressor, as there are very few foods that are naturally blue.

‘Even blueberries are purple, meaning it’s not a colour that your mind associates with eating,’ says Natasha. Like Lee, she also warns against using dark greys because they can be cold and unwelcoming.

A soft pink, or green – or even a warm white – would work brilliantly.

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