The Link Up: Em’s $20 Perfectly Cut Sweatshirt, Caitlin’s VERY Pretty Coat, And The $17 Throw Pillow That We Can’t Believe Is Only $17

The Link Up: Em’s $20 Perfectly Cut Sweatshirt, Caitlin’s VERY Pretty Coat, And The $17 Throw Pillow That We Can’t Believe Is Only $17


WOW, this week was a wild one. The holiday season is upon us at full blast. We actually got to all have an extra special team lunch since Em was in LA shooting. A great start to the weekend. Hope you all also got to or are about to get some friend time soon. It’s never not good for you:) And if we are the only friends you have the bandwidth to hang with today, we are here and ready to chat:) Let’s link up!

From Emily: I’m a suber-snob when it comes to sweatshirts because I like them to fit in a way that feels stylish and not schlubby, so this sweatshirt I like because it hugs my neck in kind of a mock turtleneck way which looks cool. It has a thick waistband that creates a lot of fun volume – almost like a half-tuck does and the arms are spacious and boxy. It’s just a really good cut, plus this mauve/purple color is very pretty

This week’s home tour is a piece of art (and a famous one at that). It’s been previously called  “America’s coolest home” but the one and only Alicia Keys’ and husband Swizz Beatz now call it their “Dreamland.” While this kind of home might not be everyone’s dream to live in, it’s an incredible piece of architecture that you need to check out. O and not only is the structure extremely artful but the art on the walls is probably our favorite part… and of course the view.

From Caitlin: I’m gearing up to fly back to the east coast for a few weeks to spend the holidays with my mom, so I have coats on the brain. (Seasons are fun when you only have to experience them temporarily!) Just stumbled upon this menswear-inspired long wool coat in black watch plaid with an optional tie for a cinched waist and OH MY GOSH. I LOVE IT. The details are so special – look at the interior checkered lining and the sunny yellow piping and the sweet bright buttons! – and the outside shape and color are so timeless and classic. It’s kind of like a statement coat without being an actual statement coat and I am smitten. (For those who want something a little more minimal, it also comes in camel which is just as swoon-worthy!)

Also from Caitlin: In a past life, I worked in marketing at Apple (this usually surprises people – probably my excessive use of caps + punctuation???). ANYWAY – my former boss, Jing, launched a new media brand called Jaded on Friday and it’s SO GOOD. It’s dedicated to the amplification of Asian artists and the whole site is so cool and slick and graphic and interesting (and I mean, Jing was a very good/smart/stylish boss, so none of this is surprising). Highly recommend scrolling through their homepage (it looks awesome, right??) and giving them a follow on IG 🙂

From Albie: I came upon Cloth & Paper about year ago when I first got into using the happy planner system. Why I love em? Aside from being owned & operated by a black woman, the inserts are so luxe… like I’m an adult & I might just actually have my life together. C&P offers a subscription box but I choose to simply purchase items a la carte because that’s just what works for me. In the past year, I’ve placed 3 or 4 orders, with both inserts & accessories for my planning. I remember receiving my first order and thinking “oh this is niiiiiiiice” like the really popular TikTok audio — the colors, the designs, the packaging… all of it just makes me wanna give Ashley (the owner) all of my money!

From Jess: Did y’all see this dining room transformation???

Also From Jess: I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this throw pillow until now! Bowser brought it over for a shoot and I loved it immediately. It’s a fun shape without being “too out there” and it’s only $17. If you are in need of a cool pillow, this could be it. O and we used the rust colored one:)

From Mallory: My sister brought this hair dryer tool on a trip we took this summer and I fell IN LOVE. I recently found out that not only do my sister and I love it, but my boyfriend, Chase and his mom are both convinced it’s the best. IN FACT, Chase’s mom told me I had to try it out and I recognized it and was like IT’S THE BEST RIGHT? So yeah, there’s a great rec from 4 people in one 🙂

From Ryann: I am a half leg out half leg under the comforter kind of sleeper because I get too hot at night (especially with my 60 lb dog aka heater sleeping in the bed with us). It’s unfortunate because I like to be cozy under blankets so when I heard about cooling blankets I was very intrigued–but sort of like what’s the point of a cold blanket?? Well, last weekend I felt one in person at a friend’s house and now I GET IT. It’s so soft and the cooling technology makes being underneath it strangely comforting. I am a huge fan and will likely be giving them as gifts this year.

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Frank Frances | Design by Kelly Behun | Styled by Michael Reynolds | via Architectural Digest

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