Should We Be Floating All Of Our Furniture??? A Potential Trend We Think Is On The Rise


What I love most about design (aside from the fact that it’s a literal joy for my eyeballs daily) is that there are so many moments that catch me off guard (in a good way). The antenna goes up if you will. That doesn’t mean that it’s always something brand new but instead, maybe it’s something I hadn’t noticed or fully considered before. Maybe it’s because it’s kinda a design rule that’s been broken which leads me to today’s topic: Floating Furniture That Normally Doesn’t Float (ie Cabinets and Beds). Yep. Off the wall and sometimes fully in the middle of the room.

It was this Barcelona apartment tour that really shook me up! To be fair the apartment is a loft with high ceilings, large open spaces, and a ton of natural light. But the architect, Benedetta Tagliabue, very cleverly sectioned off parts of her home with cabinets floating off of the walls and even in the middle of the room as you can see below.

design by benedetta tagliabue | photo by gunnar knechtel | via dwell
design by benedetta tagliabue | photo by gunnar knechtel | via dwell

Her home is full of so much personality, pattern, and texture that you don’t feel like you are in a museum or art gallery-like home, just a really thoughtful and exciting one.

design by cristina celestino | photo by davide lovatti | via elle decoration uk

But then again maybe we don’t knock the museum-esque look? I mean check out that glass cabinet above. It really helps to separate this very open concept space into a couple of lovely zones which was the designer’s goal. Also, I’m pretty in love with those curtains and the half solid and full sheer double look. But back to the cabinet. Would this delicate cabinet be ideal in a house with children, a rambunctious pet, and/or a terribly clumsy adult? No. BUT it’s a pretty cool and interesting idea that I’m inspired by.

design by hearth studio | photo by sean fennessy | via jacky winter gardens

Not to mention that the HOT design question of 2020 was asking if the open concept home was done. Personally, I don’t think it will ever be gone, gone but adding in a large cabinet like the one about that gives the illusion of a private space, but the airiness of an open concept is kinda a great idea, right? It also looks like the far side of the cabinet opens up to both sides. Also, great!

design by hannes peer architecture | photo by helenio barbetta | via ad spain

Now the photos above and below fall more in the “half float” category for me since they are touch two surfaces but I love them just the same. Open shelving is such a great way to create a design moment with books and objects but using it as a “room divider” in the middle of the floor is extremely cool. Again, creating “zones” that still make a space feel connected and light.

design by foomann | styled by esme parker | photo by willem-dirk du toit

See it’s a half wall that doesn’t cut off the space but makes it a little cozier.

design by ezequiel adelmo manasseri and maría sol depetris | photo by javier agustín rojas | via dwell

But I also love how ezequiel and maría just put this free-standing cobalt freaking blue shelving until in the middle of the floor. It makes a very cool statement, draws your eye up, and there’s something interesting to look at from every side.

So that’s my “hey if you have the space, float a cabinet off of your wall as a zone creator and design rule breaker. It might be really awesome.”

But now we move onto the other unlikely floated furniture piece…the bed. Can you imagine??? Well, Hilton Carter’s incredible nursery for his baby girl was the second *ding* in my “are people floating all of their furniture now” thought. Also, yes that is a custom handpainted mural with a unicorn and dinosaur… this little lady is SO lucky because her parents are extremely cool.

design by hilton carter

And maybe I’m wrong but I feel like I haven’t seen a ton of “crib in the middle of the room” designs but I LOVE it. A tiny baby that can’t yet walk doesn’t actually need open play space. I’ve also done a lot of babysitting in my years and they are either in your arms, in some kind of chair, or just in the living room on the floor. So why not just do something cool and put that crib in the middle of the room? But this look isn’t just for babies with rad parents! It’s for rad parents and any other person with a large enough room too.

via gerosa design

This is a catalog shot but tell me this isn’t cool?! It feels so wild but all you are doing is moving your bed a few feet from the wall. So it’s a free idea that might make you the coolest kid in town.

But I know what you’re thinking. What about an outlet for side table lamps and phone chargers. Well, it’s basically the same as when you float a sofa. Either you get real fancy and put an outlet on the floor which will cost you. OR you can cut a little slit in your rug and run in under there to the wall. Problem solved.

deign by max humphrey | photo by christopher dibble

Our design bud, Max Humphrey, was an already established cool kid but now it’s officially confirmed with this floating bed in this beach house he designed for one of Emily’s best friends! I know it’s hard to tell that it’s floating but Emily stayed there, so we definitely know. Minimal, chic and perfect for a vacation home.

design by sharon mrozinski | photo by marta xochilt perez | via cup of jo

What I love about this version is that the bed is super tall! At first, I was of the opinion that low beds were the kind that only really worked with this look but I was wrong. This four-poster bed is awesome and I dream of waking up in it and looking at what is likely a very stunning view.

design by amber interiors | photo by shade degges | via all sorts of

Here’s another catalog shot but really who cares if it’s inspiring. Pluuuus it’s from Amber Lewis’ new line at Anthropologie! I personally LOVE this chandelier, these wine glasses, this chair, and this piece of art. But there really is something airy and wonderful about this bed floating in the middle of room. Gimme all that breathiness.

design by nate berkus | photo by christopher dibble

Now, if Nate Berkus is down for the float I think that REALLY says something. It’s also a great way to add some unexpected storage. Nate did under the bed drawers AND has some storage on the other side of the headboard. Cool, no?

design by hess hoen | via vouge living

Then we have another huge bed (did you ready Caitlin’s canopy post?) where this look is perfect. This room also looks like it has a ton of doors and windows so floating might have really been the only option. That’s definitely an option if you also struggle with too many doors and windows (and have a large enough space). Now, are you ready for the even cooler part?…

design by hess hoen | via vouge living

LOOK AT THOSE shelves! And the curves! And the feet!! It’s such a cool design that’s super functional too. Doing this might also make you feel a little less like you’re floating in space if that’s a concern:)

Ok, so what do you think. Are you into the idea that any piece of furniture can float?? Do you like this idea/trend? Hate it? Let’s chat!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Amber Interiors | Photo by Shade Degges | via All Sorts Of

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