Space, Style and a Whole Lot of Sparkle: Pot Racks and Rails Revamp Kitchen Storage



The one room in the house where we could always use more storage options is the kitchen. A poorly organized kitchen can be absolute maze of clutter and also slows down cooking dramatically. Every little chore becomes twice as taxing and you feel like you are spending forever in there just to make a small meal. From floating shelves in the backdrop, to corner drawers, cabinets with Lazy Susan and islands that also provide ample storage area – there are plenty of ways in which you can maximize space in the small kitchen. Yet today, we take a look at an idea that is both classic and trendy – hanging those pots and pans in style!

Find your own innovative pot rack in the kitchen that goes beyond the mundane
Find your own innovative pot rack in the kitchen that goes beyond the mundane [From: Jeff Jones Snap It Photography]


Pot racks and utility rails have been around for a long time now as an alternative to closed cabinets in the kitchen. But the 80’s and the 90’s saw a move away from these more industrial elements as homeowners embraced a look where everything was ‘hidden from sight’. This approach mean cabinet with wooden doors or frosted glass doors took over kitchens across the globe. But the last few years have seen the classic pot rack make a comeback of sorts. And homeowners are now more willing to utilize them to both store their kitchen utensils even while creating a snazzy and sparkling focal point. It is time to bring back these hanging wonders –

Utility Rails to the Rescue

A casual look at utility rails as a kitchen addition might not really tempt you to bring them into your own home. But dig deeper and you will realize the many advantages that they offer. For starters, you can avoid the series of open shelves in the kitchen, which tend to need constant care and cleaning. On top of this, it is much easier to grab our pans and utensils when they are in plain sight rather than when tucked obscurely in some cabinet below the counter. Beyond this, there is also the added perk of giving the kitchen a bright metallic accent feature without splurging on a small renovation!

Slim utility rails in the light-filled Stockholm kitchen serve as lovely pot hangers even as green cabinets add color [From: Vreta]
Corner space is utilized to the hilt in this tiny white kitchen with ergonomic utility rails [From: Patty Kennedy Interiors]
Dashing industrial modern kitchen in darker hues with utility rails that perfectly fit the billing [From: Andrea Michaelson Design]
Slim utility rail adds metallic copper glint to the modern kitchen in white with ample storage space [From: Matt Delphenich Photography]

Suspended Pot Racks

If there is one element of industrial kitchen that we would gladly adapt in our own kitchen space, then it is undoubtedly the suspended pot rack. The pot rack hanging above the kitchen island and showcasing your finest array of pots and pans has become a bit of a rage in recent times. Much like the utility rails, this is all about convenience even as you ensure that you make the most of vertical space on offer in the kitchen. With most urban kitchens unable to spare too much space for shelving, this is indeed a great approach to store all your kitchenware with ease.

Hanging the pot rack above the island is a popular option in the modern kitchen [From: Archer & Buchanan Architecture]
Lighting is combined beautifully with the pot rack in this expansive Mediterranean kitchen [From: Sinclair Associates Architects]
Suspended pot rack saves space in the kitchen in more ways than one [From: Krieger + Associates Architects]

The most essential aspect of adding a pot rack to the kitchen is of course putting it at the right height. You want it at a level where no one bumps their head into it, but you can still easily reach everything up there. Suspended pot racks come in a wide array of shapes and sizes; allowing you to pick one that is right for your kitchen.

Elegant and simple suspended rails act as the pot rack in this traditional kitchen
Gorgeous beach style kitchen with a suspended pot rack that adds plenty of sparkle [From: Jodi Fleming design]

Finding a Custom Solution

Not every kitchen needs a series of utility rails covering the entire kitchen backdrop (though that is definitely not a bad idea) or a large suspended pot rack with the space to hold a ton of pots and pans. Sometimes all you need is a single rail in the corner to hold just the bare essentials that you use to cook on daily basis. You can also think about a shelf-styled set of metallic rails that serve dual purpose. And there are a few really innovative folk, who have taken the pot rack underneath the kitchen island to save even more space!

Turn kitchen storage into a fun and eye-catching affair [From: Justina Blakeney]
Turn to multiple storage options for a more organized kitchen
Finding the space for utility rail between the many open shelves in the kitchen [From: Farm Fresh Therapy]
Maybe it is time to shift the pot rack under the kitchen island!
Simple shelf with rails also allows you to hang pots and pans with ease [From: Christina Lane]

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