James Shaw installs jumbo foot in London Camper store

Camper Regent Street store

Camper Regent Street store

British designer James Shaw has renovated a shop for fashion brand Camper on London’s Regent Street, which features a giant foot-shaped sculpture that functions as a till and a bench for trying on shoes.

Located in a ground-level room within a building on Regent Street in central London, the store reopened last week.

Facade of the Camper store on Regent Street
James Shaw has renovated the Camper store on Regent Street

Shaw redesigned the interiors to reflect the Mallorcan heritage of Spanish footwear company Camper – a brand known for its bold and colourful creations.

The designer constructed a 3.5-metre-tall sculpture in the shape of an oversized foot, which was covered in terracotta-hued wool and positioned on the shop floor.

Jumbo wool-covered foot sculpture
His design includes a jumbo foot

Visible from the street, the cartoon-like structure is multifunctional. It includes internal storage for products and a small booth that houses the till.

Shoppers are also encouraged to perch on the jumbo toes while trying on shoes, making the foot a bench as well as a display unit.

Recycled plastic furniture
Shaw also created recycled plastic furniture

“The foot is the key feature of our proposal. Somewhat surreal and unexpected yet fully connected to Camper’s sense of playfulness and whimsy,” said Shaw.

“Reflected in the fully mirrored wall, it appears as a giant standing in the middle of the store.”

Display units made from walnut
Walnut was used to make display units

The designer, who works predominantly with recycled plastic, also created lumpy yellow shelving made from extruded slabs of the material, which – like the large foot – is reflected in the floor-to-ceiling mirror that makes up one of the walls.

Shaw also combined his trademark gloopy plastic with walnut wood to create rounded stools, positioned underneath the yellow shelves.

On the opposite side of the room, the designer added smooth walnut display units mounted to the wall with twisted polished metal fixtures – also custom-made by Shaw.

At the back of the store, shoppers can rest on geometric seating topped with textured mohair and clad in mirrored metal. The recognisable red Camper logo, positioned above the seating, was also reimagined with a Shaw-style, lumpy backdrop.

Camper store by James Shaw
The interiors are “a nod to mid-century modernism with a warped twist”

Shaw created the store’s flooring using orange resin to match the colour of the large foot as well as the painted walls and ceiling, which are all finished in similar hues.

The mix of materials is “a nod to mid-century modernism with a warped twist,” according to Camper.

“Mediterranean roots are present in the colour scheme, where warm earthy tones meet shades of yellow and blue,” added the brand.

Elsewhere, designer Jorge Penadés dressed a Málaga Camper shop with materials chosen to match the brand’s warehouse while architect Kengo Kuma created scalloped shelving out of concave ceramic tiles for a Barcelona branch.

Shaw showcased pieces of his extruded recycled plastic furniture at the 2022 edition of London Design Festival in an installation he created with his partner, Lou Stoppard, that playfully explored tensions between couples who move in together.

The photography is courtesy of Camper.

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