From Old Barn To Cozy Mediterranean Home

From Old Barn To Cozy Mediterranean Home

I was so pleased when a beautiful little Mediterranean home story came across my desk because this is so unique and inspirational! Mediterranean interiors have taken over the design world for several years now, it doesn’t matter where we live, we all want a little more beach vibes at home. Many designers are currently inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and it shows in their work – curves, coastal hues, sun-bleached whites, natural materials, rustic accents, lots of sun-loving plants, relaxed and more minimalist interior styling, imperfect ceramics, and strong color accents against a sea of white.

When it comes to decorating, it’s relatively easy to make a beautiful home more attractive, or to make a newly built home look lovely, but to convert an old barn into a family home – that’s another story. This fantastic home story has interior designer Olga Gimeno from Bona Nit at its roots, and the property is located in Formentera (Balearic islands) off the coast of Spain. Many of the interiors pieces shown in the space are from online shop Let’s Pause in case you want to SHOP THIS LOOK!). Let’s Pause was born in 2013 in Barcelona with the aim of making their vision of natural contemporary design a reality. Their team works with talented designers with an acute awareness of the environment in order to turn imperfection into beauty, craftsmanship into timeless design. Let’s Pause brings to interiors, porches and terraces around the world age-old techniques, preserving ancient crafts and providing new opportunities for forgotten traditions. The brand’s commitment is to offer beautiful and respectful design, caring for people and the planet along the way.

As you must imagine, making a barn livable is quite an undertaking.This renovation was accomplished through careful planning even though it all looks very relaxed and casual. I think that’s what I love the most. It makes me want to grill outdoors with friends, make Sangria, play music, and relax under the summer sun with zero cares to give. I love this vibe, I think we all do – that’s the draw of the Mediterranean home style. Let’s have a look at this beautiful little home renovation to get us in the mood for summer holidays or even sprucing up our own space, patio, or yard.

Front of the barn-turned-home. If you look to the left of the front door, you can find an outdoor dining space, also with lots of natural wood and rustic elements. Here, you can see green and blue are strong accent colors.

Outdoor dining space – If you look to the left of the front door, you can find an outdoor dining space, also with lots of natural wood and rustic elements. Here, you can see green and blue are strong accent colors.

Outdoor dining space where food prep can also be made

The refurbishment retains the same spirit of traditional construction and dry stone architecture; the lime washed walls and all the elements chosen to decorate the house help create this rustic, country air that evokes a Mediterranean ambience.

— Olga Gimeno, Interior Designer

Outdoor lounging space – The grounds of this space are so welcoming and relaxed, don’t you agree? Here is another spot on the property that is perfect for lounging or entertaining friends. Notice the natural materials and color accents.

View from bed in master bedroom

Entrance to children’s room – sleep space for two

Unique beaded art in master bedroom

Hats above bed in master bedroom

Children’s room

Doors to master bedroom

View to entryway from master bedroom

Children’s room

Indoor Dining Room

View towards bath area where you have a private toilet

Living area

You can also choose to shower outdoors in this corner

Straw hats to use and display

Outdoor bathroom sink area

Living area

This home gave me summer vibes – now I want to book a trip someplace warm and sunny. It’s also very obvious that the focus on this renovation was to create a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces, so you can live both indoors and out, weather permitting. I love the idea of an outdoor shower and sink area, how wonderful to imagine showering in the yard during the hot weather months. I also love the sitting areas outdoors, and can imagine a lot of lovely gatherings with friends and family, can’t you?

What do you like the most about this property? Anything that caught your eye? My favorite was the use of mint and turquoise in the home, the children’s sleeping area, and the outdoor dining under the grass roof. So inviting.

Have a lovely day friends, hope this gets you inspired to spruce up your space for Spring/Summer! Even just adding some plants, natural materials, and a few summer-y color accents, you can infuse your home with these same good vibes.



Architecture & Interior Design: Olga Gimeno, Bonanit Studio
Let’s Pause Products: Ponza Stool, Borely Garland, Due Sorelle, Barbaria Pendant, Bajadilla, Flauta, Macarella
Photo Credits: Pepa Oromi Mundó @oromipepa