Interior Design Trends 2022 + Domotex Mood Spaces Introduction

Interior Design Trends 2022 + Domotex Mood Spaces Introduction


Are you curious about how Corona impacted the way we live and work at home? I’d like to invite you to watch a keynote that I recently gave to 150 international journalists about Interior Design Trends for 2022 (Interior Design Now) along with a introduction to Domotex Mood Spaces – a project that I’m working on with 5 German Interior Designers for the January 2022 edition of Domotex where our trend stands will be on display at the upcoming fair. In this video below, I not only preview trends for 2022 but I speak briefly about Mood Spaces and introduce you to our confirmed star Designers.

Domotex is the world’s leading flooring trade show held annually in Hannover, Germany with exhibitors from all over the world. If you want to see the latest trends in flooring, this is where you go. So, it’s time for the video, shall we begin?

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More about Mood Spaces in December here on decor8…