Emergency Lighting Made Easy with the LED A21 Emergency Light Bulb

Emergency Lighting Made Easy with the LED A21 Emergency Light Bulb

Despite reliable illumination being a must-have during power outages, emergency lights have traditionally been reserved for businesses and commercial properties. Unfortunately, this means that many residential homes are often left in the dark during emergency situations, with homeowners resorting to using flashlights or candles for light. But with the LED A21 emergency bulb from PLT, adding emergency lighting to homes has never been more feasible.

A Simple Emergency Lighting Solution

Featuring a red toggle ON/OFF switch and a built-in 1800mAh battery, this versatile LED A21 emergency bulb can be used in any lamp or fixture that has a standard household medium (E26) socket, converting it into an emergency light in seconds. Simply screw it into the socket as you would any other light bulb, making sure that the red toggle switch on the front of the bulb is set to the OFF position. No rewiring or additional work is required.

It also comes with a screw-on hook attachment, turning it in a portable lamp than can be hung overhead or taken on the go. The attachment also has it’s own button, providing a second option for turning the light on or off.

Lighting Tip: While this bulb has the same general shape and appearance as a standard A19 bulb, it is larger in size. We recommend making sure that any fixture or lamp has enough space for the bulb to fit.

Normal Operation and Emergency Mode

During normal operation in a fixture, this emergency light bulb delivers 800 lumens of 3000 Kelvin light. That’s the equivalent of an 65-Watt incandescent light bulb.

During a power failure, the lamp will switch automatically to emergency mode. While operating in emergency mode, the lamp has three adjustable brightness levels that deliver up to 200 lumens. You can easily switch between these levels using the red toggle switch.


Brightness levels in emergency mode.


The built in battery will operate for 3 to 12 hours depending on the brightness level. Once power is restored, the LED bulb will begin recharging takes 11 hours to fully recharge. 

Push button on bottom of the hook attachment.

Operation as a Portable Lamp

If you opt not to use the bulb in a fixture, it will operate as a portable lamp. You can turn the bulb on or off using the red toggle switch. If using the hook attachment, you also have the option of using the push button on the bottom. When it’s time to recharge, just screw it into a lamp.

Adjusting the Brightness Levels

When the bulb is in emergency mode or being used as a portable lamp, adjusting the brightness levels in is simple and it only takes a few seconds. Simply toggle either switch within five seconds to select your desired brightness. Toggle once for full brightness, twice for medium, and three times for low.

Lighting Tip: Using lower light levels during emergency mode will help extend the battery life.

Where to Use LED A21 Emergency Bulbs

UL rated for use in damp locations, this emergency lamp is perfect for a wide range of applications. Use them in table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fans, and any other fixture with a standard medium E26 base. They are not just limited to residential use. Since they don’t require an electrician to install, business can use them in recessed cans and in other similar fixtures where emergency lighting is needed. On the go, this bulb can be used used on job sites, camping trips, and so much more. 

Emergency bulb used in table lamp.

Emergency bulb used in table lamp.

Emergency light bulb used in can light.

Emergency light bulb used in can light.

Emergency light bulb hung in tent.

Emergency light bulb hung in tent.

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