Create Brilliant Spaces with VERSA Linear LED Fixtures

Create Brilliant Spaces with VERSA Linear LED Fixtures

Linear lighting fixture with micro reflectors.

Finding the perfect high-end linear light fixtures can be a challenge, especially when you need to balance function with form. But with VERSA wattage selectable architectural LED linear light fixtures, you’ll have access to the ideal solution for your commercial space.

These linear lighting fixtures, exclusively available at, are equipped with a micro reflector lens, providing crisp and clear lighting without harsh shadows or glare. Plus, you can choose from 4′ and 8′ lengths to ensure the perfect fit for your space.

Selectable Outputs and Installation

These innovative linear lighting fixtures deliver a 3500 Kelvin light and have three selectable wattages. The 4-foot fixtures are 20, 30, and 40 Watts, while the 8-foot fixtures are 40, 50, and 60 Watts.

These fixtures also have seven selectable direct and indirect output options:

  • 100% Uplight

  • 10% down, 90% up 

  • 30% down, 70% up

  • 50% down, 50% up 

  • 70% down, 30% up 

  • 90% down, 10% up

  • 100% Downlight

When turned on, the majority of the illumination comes from the top of the linear light fixture, providing exceptional ambient lighting. The light reflects off the ceiling and other surfaces to make the room appear larger and brighter. The down lighting is diffused by the micro reflector, minimizing glare to the point that you can barely tell that the fixture is lit.


These linear lighting fixtures are designed for suspension from a dry wall ceiling. They come with a round canopy set, cables, and other components needed for installation.

Creating Longer Runs of Linear Lighting

Longer runs can be created by using a joiner to link fixtures end-to-end. Sold separately, the joiner attaches seamlessly to the fixture as shown in the image below. The maximum run length is determined by the fixture length and the voltage”

  • 4′ Fixtures – 10 fixtures max @120V or 25 fixtures max @277V

  • 8′ Fixtures – 5 fixture max @ 120V or 12 fixture max @277V



Additional Features

The VERSA line of linear suspension lighting fixtures with macro reflectors have a variety of other features as well. These linear lighting fixtures are available with either a white or black finish. They come with a 5-foot power cord, and the light output can be dimmed with 0-10W dimmers. These light fixtures are also UL rated for damp locations and are IK08 rated.

Lighting Fact: IK ratings are used to indicate how resistant a product is to impacts. An IK08 rating means that a fixture can withstand 5 joules of impact. That is the equivalent of about 3.7 lbs being dropped from about a foot above the fixture.

Additional Accessories

The VERSA line of linear suspension fixtures have some additional accessories that can be ordered. As mentioned earlier, we offer a straight joiner. We also have 12-foot power cables perfect for installations with high ceilings and providing flexibility in positioning the fixtures.

Linear suspension options. *Grid Mount via Special Order.

Special Order Features and Accessories

The versatility of the VERSA linear suspension lighting fixtures extends even further with a wide range of special order features and accessories. You can choose from various color temperature options, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs. Square mounting canopies are available for a modern and sleek look, or you can install to a T-grid ceiling.

You have the option to select different lenses to further enhance the lighting effects in your space. Different types of joiners are also available, allowing you to customize the appearance of your runs. Additionally, you can add sensors or an emergency backup. To explore these special order features and accessories, please contact us at 1-800-624-4488.

Where to Use Linear Light Fixtures with Up and Down Lighting

The VERSA linear suspension lights are designed to add a high-end, architectural touch to a wide range of spaces. Offices, lobbies, and boardrooms are just a few examples of areas where these sleek fixtures can be used. Suspend these linear lighting fixtures to illuminate desks, cubicles, or conference tables to create a visually striking impact. In retail spaces and restaurants, these fixtures can elevate the ambiance and create a welcoming atmosphere. The possibilities for usage are truly endless, limited only by your imagination.

Fixture suspended in conference room at 1000Bulbs.

Fixture suspended in conference room at 1000Bulbs.

Linear lighting fixture suspended over office desks.

Linear lighting fixture suspended over office desks.

Modern linear lighting fixture used in private office.

Modern linear lighting fixture used in private office.

For these and other high-end commercial linear lighting fixtures, call 1-800-624-4488 to speak with one of our US-based lighting experts or visit