A Look Inside the Lumens Design House

A Look Inside the Lumens Design House

Mitzah Chandelier by Emily Del Bello for Blueprint Lighting, Nivola Sofa by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau

Design has entered an exciting new era of self-determination. In the past, there have been prevailing aesthetics that were everywhere you looked, whether it was mid-century modernism, Scandinavian minimalism, or modern Farmhouse. But now it seems that everyone is forging their own path—often one that curves, wiggles or arcs rather than cutting clean lines. The saturation is being turned up on gem tones and neutrals. Metals are either full shine or imbued with patina (goodbye brushed brass). There’s been a renewed interest in heftier, natural materials and darker woods. Then, of course, there are the things that will never change, like the iconic designs that have proven to be timeless, regardless of trends.     

You’ll find all of these revelations and more as you explore the Lumens Design House, our first-ever concept house that we’re launching for our Spring Design Event. We invite you to come inside and take a look at what is defining design now. 

Material Details

Madeleine Pendant by Emily Del Bello for Blueprint Lighting, Alla Wall Sconce by Emily Del Bello for Blueprint Lighting

The foyer takes full advantage of the home’s architecture, using the eye-catching Madeleine Pendant to offer a modern contrast against the classic wooden banister and dark oak trim. Composed from brass, the pendant draws the eye upward, while the chain detail suggests movement around the spherical bulb. Alla Wall Sconces, also designed by Emily Del Bello, offer a harmonious connection to the pendants with their chain-link details while the lights’ stone bases provide a balance between industrial metal and natural finishes.  

Refined Dining

Bilal Chandelier by Arteriors, Androgyne Round Dining Table by Danielle Siggerud Architects for Audo Copenhagen, Monster Chair by Marcel Wanders Studio for Moooi, Bala Bowl by Noir

Built around a clear focal point, the dining room exudes warm contemporary energy, fusing classic pieces with modern textures and a range of finishes.

The Bilal Chandelier by Arteriors instantly draws the eye up. Combining sturdy iron and natural coconut shells in a eucalyptus finish, the contrast between the lamp’s materials is visually dazzling while exuding a soft, dappled light.

An Androgyne Round Dining Table, with its clean lines and classic Scandinavian design, anchors the space while Marcel Wanders Studio’s Monster Chairs add contemporary flair with their puffy legs and all-over upholstery. The solid marble Bala Bowl acts as a timeless centerpiece, adding a subdued natural energy to the dining area.  

In the corner, the Plinth Pedestal and Adan Nano Glossy Pot expand on the dining room’s interplay between natural and man-made materials. 

Open Concept

Isle 02 B LED Linear Suspension by Lambert & Fils, Stone Wall Sconce by Il Fanale, Osso Bar Stool by Ethnicraft, Cross Pull Bar by Buster + Punch

Flowing from the dining room through a curved archway, the spacious kitchen blends traditional Scandinavian elements with modern metal and stone accents in a fresh and elegant design.  

The kitchen lighting, which mixes sconces and layered pendants, offers a thematic connection to the entryway’s spherical lights. The precise, geometric Isle 02 B and Isle 02 A chandeliers by Lambert & Fils instantly give the kitchen a modern feel by coupling aluminum rods with marble and frosted glass. The artistic pendants are likewise practical—the frosted bulb beautifully illuminates the island. Meanwhile Il Fanale wall sconces frame the stove, providing a visual relief to the large marble backsplash.  

Smaller accent pieces within the room complete the stone-forward, open-concept kitchen. Osso Bar Stools by Ethnicraft provide comfortable seating with simple silhouettes, offering a parallel finish to the wood and gold hood. Similarly, Buster + Punch Cross Pull Bars in a dull gold finish complement the natural veins within the marble island and backsplash, creating a sense of visual unity in the kitchen without an overuse of either stone or metal.  


Oranda Dining Table by Four Hands, Chair No. 811, Set of 2 by Ton, Venule 5-Way Vessel by SIN, Weald Wall Art by Four Hands

The dining nook segues from seating areas defined by Scandinavian elements to one dominated by curves. The solid marble Oranda Dining Table by Four Hands is a striking mainstay in the space, which juxtaposes a textured base and smooth oval surface to create subtle visual interest. A set of Ton’s Chair No. 811 adds warmth and vintage elegance to the otherwise modern alcove, while the Weald Wall Art’s earth-toned gradient creates an overarching sense of calm.

Set the Table

Venule 5-Way Vessel by SIN

Petite accents provide an oversized pop in the dining area, creating a fully cohesive space. The Venule 5-Way Vessel, which offers five fluted openings for single stems or sculptural elegance on its own, was inspired by intricate blood vessels and perfectly contrasts with the bright marble table. On the wall, Il Fanale Stone Wall Sconces add to the home’s embrace of stonework and globular lighting, creating a sense of continuity throughout.   

Comfort Zones

Julius Swivel Chair by Four Hands, Umanoff Side Table by Arthur Umanoff for Audo Copenhagen, Zion Coffee Table Set by Four Hands, Eden Queen Round Rug by Marcel Wanders for Moooi Carpets, Nappula Planter by Matti Klenell for Iittala

A sense of modernity pervades the great room, where vivid prints and luxe materials come together. A set of Julius Swivel chairs frames the space, offering plush seating in addition to voluminous contours. Marcel Wanders’ vibrant Eden Queen Round Rug, meanwhile, evokes a sense of historical charm and color with its larger-than-life blooms.  

The Great Room tables provide stark visual contrast to the luxurious upholstery, creating balance across the room with their clean lines and simple yet timeless designs. The Zion Coffee Table Set, with its natural marble contours, brings an element of nature to the room while the Umanoff Side Table adds elegance with its polished metal and wood silhouette. The Nappula planter perched on the table offers a sculpturesque detail to the room, encouraging guests to relax and daydream in the space.  

Maxed Accents

Tired Man Sheepskin Lounge Chair by Flemming Lassen for Audo Copenhagen, Geometric Console Table by Alain Van Havre for Ethnicraft, Viola Accent Table by Four Hands, Bead Chain 11 Wall Piece by SkLO, Brandt Candlesticks, Set of 5 by Arteriors, Lampe B LED Table Lamp by Thierry Dreyfus for DCW editions

This corner of the Great Room exudes a curated aesthetic. Delicately alternating spheres and clean modern lines, it invites visitors to contemplate each item in the space as they would in an art museum – although from the luxurious arms of Flemming Lassen’s Tired Man Sheepskin Lounge Chair.   

The Bead Chain 11 is a striking three-dimensional wall piece that aligns thematically with the round sconces found throughout the home. Its U-shaped drape sends the eye downward to Alain Van Havre’s Geometric Console Table, which acts as an elegance base for Brandt Candlesticks and a Lampe B table lamp. The combination of the table’s precise, geometric shapes and the curvaceous pieces on the table create a sense of whimsy and curiosity. A timeless marble and iron Viola Accent Table offers a practical yet beautiful surface, tying the entire nook together.  

Cordless Creativity 

Melt LED Rechargeable Table Lamp by Tom Dixon

The Melt Rechargeable Table Lamp inspires curiosity with its evocative and artistic glass orb. Well-balanced and extremely portable, this luminous art piece adds a layer of complexity to any room it occupies. 

Finishing Touches

Abysse 01 LED Mini Pendant by Larose Guyon, Mar Wall Mirror by SIN, Aalto Vase by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

The powder room is a modern escape, combining lush greens with natural marble in a space that exudes calm. The Abysse 01 LED Mini Pendant hangs delicately, offering a simple silhouette against the wallpaper’s dynamic print. The Mar Wall Mirror, whose shape is redolent of a natural body of water, and Aalto Vase add distinctive details without overpowering any element of the room.

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