2022 JA8 Lighting Regulations

2022 JA8 Lighting Regulations

JA8 regulations cover indoor and outdoor lighting.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) keeps a tight rein on energy usage in California, enforcing some of the strictest energy policies in the country. Unsurprisingly, lighting manufactures have to make sure that their products meet these regulations so that they can be sold and used in the state.

We covered JA8 lighting and regulations in a previous blog post a few years ago. Since then, JA8 has gone through a few revisions. With another update on the horizon, we decided it’s time to revisit JA8 and see what’s changed since 2019.

Who is the California Energy Commission?

The CEC was established in 1974 and governs the state’s primary energy policy. Their goal is reducing energy costs, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the entire state, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality (also referred to as new zero) by 2045.

What is JA8?

Residential neighborhood in Mission Viejo, California.

If your not familiar with JA8, it stands for Joint Appendix 8 and is a set of guidelines established by the California Energy Commission for high-efficacy light sources. An extension of Title 24 regulations, these regulations aim to promote energy-efficient lighting and improve the quality of light in residential and nonresidential buildings. Specifically, these guidelines pertain to residential lighting in various settings as outlined by Title 24, which include:

A single family building (including sheds and garages)

  • High rise multifamily residential units

  • Hotel and motel guest rooms

  • Dormitory and senior housing

  • Fire stations

Since 2017, they have applied to indoor and outdoor lighting in new construction, renovations, and additions across California. In order to pass inspection in the state, you must be JA8 compliant.

To be JA8 compliant, lighting products must produce a minimum of 45 Lumens per Watt and achieve full brightness in under 0.5 seconds. They must also meet dimming capabilities, longevity specifications, and color rendering requirements. Upon successful testing and certification by the CEC, these compliant products are included in the CEC’s official database.

JA8 2019 & 2019 Recap

Let’s revisit the previous 2016 and 2019 JA8 regulations before diving into the current ones. The most important regulations for permanently installed fixtures include:

  • All fixtures with a screw-based socket must use JA8-compliant bulbs

  • Enclosed fixtures can only use JA8 bulbs labeled ‘JA8-2016-E’ (or ‘JA8-2019-E’ for the 2019 regulations)

  • Downlights cannot have a screw-based socket and must be rated for direct contact with insulation (Type IC or IC-rated)

  • Lighting located in bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and utility rooms must have one light paired with a vacancy sensor

  • Wall mounted outdoor lights must be controlled by one of the following combinations: photocell and motion sensor, astronomical time clock, Energy Management Control System (EMCS) with the features of an astronomical time clock, or a photocell and time switch.


JA8 2016 markings.


“Portable luminaries” such as table lamps and floor lamps that plug into an outlet and can be moved around are exempt from these regulations. For a more in-depth understanding of these regulations, you can refer to our previous blog post.

Current JA8 Regulations

Now, let’s move forward and explore the current JA8 lighting regulations. The current regulations are part of the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and went into effect in January 2023. The bulk of the regulations have not changed, though there are few minor updates:

  • The lumen maintenance and rated-life requirements have been eliminated.

  • Approved products must have “JA8-2022” or “JA8-2022-E” marked/printed on the product itself.

  • Requirements for previously low-rise residential family requirements have been moved to the new multifamily chapters. (Nonresidential Compliance Manual Chapter 11 addresses multifamily buildings.)

  • Indoor luminaire and lighting control requirements have been reorganized according to subject requirements to help improve readability.

Upcoming 2025 JA8 Changes

The California Energy Commission is currently in the process researching and gathering information to make the next round of updates to JA8. The updated standards will be proposed for adoption sometime in 2024. Once adopted, they will be included as part of the 2025 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The effective date will be January 1, 2026.

Benefits of Using JA8 Approved Lighting

JA8 certified products aren’t just for use in California. Other states can benefit from them too. These products play a significant role in reducing energy consumption, making them a sustainable choice for any location. Moreover, their dimmable feature contributes to extending their lifespan, ensuring longevity and efficiency. All JA8 products boast a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or higher, enhancing the brightness and vividness of colors. Additionally, these products may qualify for rebates from local utility companies or through your state, offering potential cost savings and incentives.

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