Williams Sonoma Is Having a Major Sale on the Vitmaix One Blender



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There are okay blenders — the ones that sometimes get the job done, but leave chunks of frozen fruit unblended and un-smoothied. There are good blenders — the ones that blend, but never quite as smoothly as you want. And then are truly great blenders. They’re the ones that pulverize, purée, and blend anything you put into them — be it sauces, smoothies, or frozen desserts. These truly great blenders? They’re usually Vitamix blenders.

We love Vitamix blenders so much, we included the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender in our list of Kitchn Essentials. As we noted there, this blender “churns out the smoothest soups, frozen piña coladas, and smoothies. It also has one of the most powerful motors on the market and comes with a seven-year warranty. Pro chefs often keep this in their restaurant kitchens, if that tells you anything.”

So, yes, it’s amazing. However, it also costs $600. Which is why we were incredibly excited when Vitamix recently launched a new, more affordable blender: The Vitamix One, which is currently on major sale for $199.95 (normally $249.95) at Williams Sonoma.

This blender is smaller — but no less powerful! — than standard Vitamix models. It’s ideal for blending tough, fibrous fruits and veggies, and has a simple speed dial and a 32-ounce blender container. The best part? It’s $200, which is far, far less than most other Vitamix models.

The One is perfect for someone who’s been wanting a Vitamix and has been putting it off because of the, ahem, hefty price tag. Plus, it has a smaller countertop footprint, so the blender is also great for small kitchens and apartments.

The May launch of the One kicked off Vitamix’s 100th anniversary celebration (when a brand’s been around that long, it speaks to its quality). And with a price this low, there’s even more reason to celebrate.

Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Lifestyle Editor, Tools

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