This is the day to put your heating on – and it's later than you might think



It’s just starting to feel a little chilly at the start and the end of the day. One thing that’s on many people’s minds is the increased cost of heating their homes this year.

So, when should we be switching our central heating on? Not until the clocks change – according to PlumbNation.

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When to put heating on

The company’s central heating experts have said that we should be waiting until October 31st before firing up the boiler to heat our homes. ‘Turning on your central heating is one of the sure signs that winter has arrived,’ says heating professional Jordan Chance.

‘Although there is no single temperature at which you should turn your heating on, many aim for the time when clocks go back, falling this year on October 31st,’ says Jordan. This seems very late to us, but we’re keen to find ways to prevent any nasty surprises from our gas bill.

It also gives us plenty of time to finally learn how to bleed a radiator to ensure they’re working properly. ‘There are ways to delay putting your heating on, keeping you warmer for longer and saving you those extra pennies,’ adds Jordan from PlumbNation.

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Jordan mentions tried and tested methods such as using a draught excluder. Keeping curtains closed and investing in a thermal curtain lining will also help.

These options can prevent cold air entering and warm air from escaping, making your home much more energy-efficient. According to Jordan, there is no benefit in leaving your heating on low all day. Instead, turn the heating on as and when you need it.

We asked Andrew Collinge, heating product manager at BestHeating, for a second opinion. ‘Although there is no optimum date for switching the heating on, our research would suggest that most UK residents tend to have the heating on more regularly, around October 1st,’ says Andrew.


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‘Those more of a hardy disposition try and leave it as long as possible by wearing extra layers and investing in draught excluders. By the end of October, even the hardiest among us will have their central heating switched on – just in time for National Radiator day on November 1st,’ he says.

Andrew also recommends doing a test run while it’s still warm to check everything will be working when you need it most. As for when should you turn your heating off, mid-March is a popular time. Although, this isn’t always realistic given the unpredictable British weather.

For anyone moving house any time soon, remember that installing a new boiler will add value to a home. When will you be cranking up the heat?

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