This Cozy Modern Extension Offers the Experience of Sitting Under a Tree!


It goes without saying that every modern home extension is different and while most architects and homeowners do all they can to preserve nature around a residence, sometimes removing a tree that is in the way becomes completely unavoidable. Whilst Sitting Under a Tree by Turner Architects is one such extension where a large tree in the backyard not only too up all the space but was getting dangerously close to the main home. This prompted the homeowners get it removed and replace it with a smart extension that contains the new kitchen, dining area and family room.

Gorgeous and pleasing extension in wood and white holds a dining area, kitchen and sitting space
Gorgeous and pleasing extension in wood and white holds a dining area, kitchen and sitting space

One of the ingenious features of the extension is the wavy wooden roof that filters in sunlight and creates dynamic patterns of light and shadows throughout the day. This mimics the experience of sitting under a tree; something the family enjoyed for many years in the backyard. The kitchen sits at the rear of the extension and is connected with the main home using a wooden floor and embraces a modern, wood and white color scheme. The dining area is placed on a level below with limestone floor and the family area is placed next to it. Both the dining area and the family zone extend into the backyard and feel like an organic part of the outdoors.

Multi-level rear extension with a kitchen, dining and family area
Unique and custom wooden roof of the extension brings the aesthetics of sitting under a tree
Wood and white rear extension to a classic British home that replaces an old tree
Wooden cabinet next to the fireplace opens up to reveal the TV

A space-savvy wooden cabinet between the dining area and the family zone holds a fireplace, television set and additional storage options. Completing the new extension is a built-in bench at the end of the family zone that also allows the homeowners to get a glimpse of the world outside at all times. [From: Adam Scott]

Beautiful and functional rear extension of the home replaces an old tree that was dangerously close to the structure
Custom wooden ceiling of the extension allows in filtered light throughout the day
Dining area also contains a small relaxation zone with fireplace and TV
Dining area and family space of the house with a fireplace, built-in seating and TV
Glass walls open up the interior to the stone-clad backyard

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