These are the colours we're going to be painting our homes with in 2022, according to Farrow & Ball



Farrow & Ball have just revealed the colour palette they predict will be everywhere in 2022, according to its colour curator Joa Studholme.

Next year’s paint trends are set to be simple and familiar colours but used in clever combinations. In short, it’s all about imaginative combinations and considered paint effects.

‘There is something inherently human in the colours that we are attracted to for 2022, as well as the way we use them,’ says Joa. ‘Decor is moving forward while drawing inspiration from the modest character of the world of folk and craft, using five significant shades that extol the virtues of a simple life and can be used in any combination and in any room.’

Read on for the five shades Farrow & Ball predicts we’ll be craving in 2022. Plus some imaginative paint ideas for introducing them into your home.

Farrow & Ball paint trend predictions

1. Babouche

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

Unless you’re brave with colour, using a bold yellow like Babouche may be something you wouldn’t normally consider. However, this cheerful and uncomplicated shade is a great way of adding a hit of sunshine to any room.

For us, this is the standout colour – and when used to create a chequerboard pattern on not just the floor but the sides of a bath. This bold bathroom idea gives a striking period look that’s described as ‘bold, without being garish or overpowering’.

Paint your walls and skirting in the same yellow, team it with a fresh white and then fill your bathroom with a wall of plants to give it a calming feel that proves yellow can be used in many different ways. Lush!

2. Breakfast Room Green

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

The trend for all things green looks set to continue into 2022. Here, lively Breakfast Room Green makes a bold background for a piece of upcycled furniture painted in Stone Blue.

Using one colour on both walls and woodwork can help disguise the limits of the space, says Farrow & Ball, and can help a room look bigger.

3. School house white

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

We love a good strong white colour, especially when it’s used in a creative way. Here, another chequerboard-patterned floor evokes a nostalgic effect, this time painted in a square repeat using Stone Blue and School House White.

Painted floors are an easy and affordable way to get the look of tiles and the white provides good contrast against the blue to keep it looking fresh and help it ‘pop’.

3. Incarnadine

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

The bold stripes on the ceiling in Incarnadine that are the star of the show here, and having them brought down a short way onto the walls creates an intimate feel, almost like a circus tent. It is safe to say Farrow and Ball is predicting some strong colour accents in our future.

One of the best parts about decorating with paint, aside from the colour, is the fun you can have with it. You may not notice it at first glance, but both the headboard shapes have been painted onto the wall, using School House White on Breakfast Room Green – a clever bedroom paint idea.

5. Stone blue in full gloss

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

Paint-wise, it’s been full-on matt for a while now, and the chalkier the better, but using a gloss paint is set to be big in 2022. Farrow & Ball recommend introducing it sparingly and in surprising ways, such as on a door or kitchen unit, to add a modern feel with a suitably vintage flavour.

Stone Blue in Full Gloss has been used on the door and frame in this scheme, while Incarnadine, School House White and Breakfast Room Green are used on the wall beyond for an exciting combination.

2022 looks set to be a colourful year.

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