The stylish washable rug you will want to try spilling red wine on

white living room with large rug


Red wine and rugs is a recipe for disaster, or so we thought until we discovered Ruggable a machine washable rug.

Already a hit in the US, the brand has recently launched in the UK, offering the best rugs for households that are prone to a little bit of mess. Whether you have messy pets and children or are concerned about spills, this rug promises to be the ideal stylish solution.

Not only does the Ruggable rug promise to be stain-resistant, but if you do make a mess it can simply be thrown in the washing machine to get it looking good as new.

white living room with large rug

Image credit: Ruggable

The rug designed by entrepreneur Jeneva Bell uses a unique two-piece washable rug system. The rug comes in two parts: a non-slip rug pad, and a patterned rug cover. It is the top part that looks like a traditional rug, and can be easily taken up and popped in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

‘Years ago, I invested in a large area rug and within days my puppy Bambi had marked her territory! After sharing my frustration with family and friends, I realized we all had the same issue of keeping our rugs fresh and clean – some had even resorted to bare floors,’ explains Jeneva. ‘With a Ruggable Rug, you don’t have to go without the comfort & style a rug brings to a space.’

white kitchen with runner rug

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‘Imagine how great it would be for everyone to be able to wash all of their rugs, including larger area rugs, in a home washer and dryer at their own convenience.’


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We must admit when we first heard about the new brand we were a little sceptical about its claims. A rug that could stand up to red wine and coffee spills seemed too good to be true.

Rugs have increasingly become a popular kitchen flooring idea, so one that could stand up to stains was music to our ears. So we decided to put it to the test.

Opting for the white Nalia rug to truly test the claims, we put the rug through its paces. The rug was treated to a splash of red wine, smattering of coffee granules and the general fall out of being situated next to the cooker and dishwasher.

After a few days in the kitchen, it was time to pop the rug in the washing machine on a cold wash as instructed. When lifted up the rug cover is very similar to a blanket so fit easily into the washing machine. It also meant when it came out it dried really quickly on a drying rack.

plush rug with bookcase

Image credit: Ruggable

But what was truly amazing was how it dried without a single crease, once the rug was placed back on the non-slip backing it looked as good as new. Safe to say we’ve convinced.

The rugs start at £89 for a small rug and go up to £349 for a 245cm round rug. Whether you are looking for a runner rug in the hallway or a square rug to add to your living room ideas, Ruggable has a huge range. There is even a range designed by famed designer Jonathan Adler.

Recently, the brand has also introduced plush rugs, so you can indulge in the Berber rug trend without tiptoeing around it in socks.

Drink your wine in peace without any spill panics again.

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