The Link Up: The Well-Reviewed Backpacks Emily Bought for Her Kids, Mallory’s $25 Athletic Shorts, and A Trendy Pair Of Pants We’re Wearing Right Now



Hello all! In case you missed it here’s a little housekeeping…it’s finally happened: Emily made the big Portland move (ah)! We’re all very excited for her & the entire Henderson family. With Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Birdie (and ARCIFORM) up there, you can expect lots more fun farm content coming your way very soon (also ah)! But before all that, let’s focus on today. We’ve got a great link up for you so let’s get right on to it.

This week’s home tour is Jessica Hart’s fun, whimsy LA home (don’t skip this one btw). She called on her friend and designer Carlos Mota to make her dream home come together in a colorful, yet elegant way. Every room has something special in this house, and if you were wondering how to do cabana stripes well, this home tour will teach you.

From Emily: In hopes of not having a janky backpack that falls apart, I read a bunch of reviews (for the first time probably ever), and the clear kids backpack winners are LL Bean and Pottery Barn Kids. The kids were not impressed with LL Bean’s designs as much, so we went with Pottery Barn Kids…they had a million to choose from and after 45 min of passionate debate Bird went with a bunny and floral motif (shocker) and Charlie with a glow in the dark shark backpack both of which Brian and I actually really like. PLUS you get to monogram for free, and they’re very high quality. We love both backpacks equally 🙂

From Caitlin: I know I’m talking about Megababe ALL THE TIME (you’ve seen me link up all their products at this point) but AHH. Please let me sing the praises of their recently released Smoothie Deodorant!!! It’s WAY different from any natural deodorant I’ve tried – the formula is even different from Megababe’s other offerings and it’s way more “standard” feeling, like white and substantial instead of liquid-y, if that makes sense – and it’s UNREAL. I don’t know WHAT is in the “fruit enzymes” or how it “balances pH” but it’s awesome. It almost like…resets my armpits? And it kind of smells like a lemon bar or like sunscreen and fruity pebbles, but in a really nice way where people have asked me what I’m wearing and I’ve been like “GIRL, it’s DEODORANT!!!” I just hit bottom on my first tube and happily reordered. A BILLION STARS.

Also From Caitlin: Grab your coffee and settle in for this uber-long read (like, 20-30 minutes) about a string of museum robberies, a billion-dollar jewel heist, and some modern-day European outlaws. It’s a true story that reads like the plot of a Dan Brown novel – catchy and connected and unbelievable – and you’ll learn a ton along the way. If you loved that Netflix documentary about the theft at the Gardner museum, this will be right up your alley.

From Ajai: I keep going back to look at this wall-hanging (I’ve put it in my cart about twenty times). I can’t decide if I need a pair or just one. I love the attention to detail on this piece, and how it feels calming yet commands attention, it’s a conversational piece indeed. 

From Mallory: I live in workout shorts so whenever I find an affordable and comfy pair I snag it FAST. I think you can guess where this is going but I was in Target the other day and found these baddies for only $25. The fabric is VERY soft and thin and they don’t have the stupid built-in underwear that most workout shorts have. I sized down on these (usually I’m a small but I had to exchange them for an XS) and I got mine in navy (although the black is nice too). I’m a big fan!!

Also From Mallory: I’m in the market for a new curling iron and I’ve always loved the wand but mine has a tapered end and it looks dumb on my now shorter hair. My sister has a 1-inch wand that doesn’t taper and I love it…just wondering: is there a difference between the cheap and expensive ones?? For example, is this $17 curling iron going to do worse things to my hair than this $60 curling iron or this even more expensive $160 curling iron? At the end of the day, you’re heating and frying your hair so what’s the point of spending a lot of money on a curling iron???

From Jess: I’ve always stayed away from printed pants because I of course had the dumb idea in my head that they wouldn’t be “flattering” on my body type. But then I tried on these green check wide leg ones and I couldn’t love them more! It’s my ideal pattern in a fun but still neutral-ish color, and they are SO COMFORTABLE. Light as a feather and stretchy. If you are someone that is more of an in-between size, the sales gal recommended sizing down. Since they are stretchy, they apparently will loosen more as you wear them. Also at 5’4″ they are ever so slightly cropped. So if you want them actually cropped (and are a shorty like me) you’ll need to get them hemmed. Story of my life. But I actually really like the length so to each their own!

Anyway, that’s all the time we have this beautiful Sunday, so we’re gonna wrap it up and chat next week!! This time next Sunday work for you guys? Great. See you then xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Carlos Mota | Photo by Douglas Freidman| via Architectural Digest

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