The Link Up: The Cream That Made Ryann’s Hair Shine, Caitlin’s Fav Bachelor Podcast, and A Gift For Gen-Zers That’ll Make You “The Cool” Aunt Or Uncle


Hey all!! EHD team here ready to welcome you to another link up. We’ve got some fun links for you this week (per usual…we hope:)) so let’s not waste another moment of your time and dig right in:

This week’s home tour was styled by our very own EHD alum Emily Bowser!!! What is it you ask? IT’S JAY-Z’S FRICKEN OFFICE ON AD!!! And it’s beautiful. We’re just so happy and excited for her because it. is. awesome.

Is anyone looking to volunteer for an incredible (and an EHD favorite) organization and is social to LA or the near surrounding areas?? Well, Miry’s List is looking for a buyer! They need to bring someone onto their volunteer team who can shop for families. This would need to be someone for LOVES shopping around for the best deal. Someone who enjoys online shopping and has a sense of style….and could shop on behalf of someone else’s style and taste. They have a distinct process for assessing their families’ needs, tastes, preferences, and priorities over the phone. Now they need to bring on the right person (or people) to take those directions and turn it into a household full of beautiful things that will feel like home.

From Emily: When Max told me that he had a new custom window treatment line I didn’t necessarily freak out – historically patterned window treatments aren’t my favorite thing (mostly when they are custom because they are so darn expensive). But I saw them this week and I LOVE THEM and am seriously considering some of them for the farm. There are some really beautiful cable knit motifs, plaids that feel totally classic (not 80s), ginghams, and QUILTS (and solids). Sure he is my friend and colleague, but that’s not why I’m posting about it – I am genuinely impressed by this collection (and it’s made in Portland by Hartmann and Forbes).

From Jess: I’m not someone who wears a lot of makeup but I am a girl who has used under-eye concealer nearly every day (2020 excluded) since 2001 (?). These dark circled puppies are hereditary but also maybe a few more vegetables and hours of sleep could help a little. Who’s to say? Anyway, I’ve been using the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for so many years now but I really want this concealer from a brand called Merit. The reviews are really great, it’s vegan and clean but I wanted to know if any of you have tried it! Is it really that good??

Also From Jess: My friend wrote her first book! It’s called Six Days In Rome by Francesca Giacco and it’s available for pre-order now. If you don’t know, pre-orders are extremely important to authors since it lets booksellers and readers take notice of them (and for sellers, to order accordingly). It’s especially important for debut authors like her. Here is a review to give you a taste: “In this decadent, deeply evocative novel, a young artist travels to Rome to heal a broken heart, where she ​confronts loneliness and intimacy, rage and desire: ‘Sensorial as hell . . . A stunningly cool and stylish debut’ (Paul Beatty, Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sellout). So if this sounds up your alley (and if you’re a reader here it probably does), pre-order now for a great future present to yourself:)

From Ryann: On Tuesday when we had our weekly team Zoom meeting, I received a Slack from Caitlin asking if I had done a hair mask because she thought it looked so healthy and shiny. I was of course flattered and shocked because the answer was no, I just hadn’t washed my hair in a couple days and to mask my greasy locks I haphazardly applied this soft shine grooming cream to my roots and ends. That’s when I had an “Oh sh*t”  moment and realized my hair DID look crazy smooth and healthy. I usually cannot go a day without washing my hair but this product makes my greasy unwashed hair look like I just got a crazy expensive blowout–and it’s only $12!!!

From Caitlin: I also recommend Ryann’s grooming cream because her hair has looked so luscious on two consecutive Zooms!!! But actually – is anyone else watching Only Murders In The Building? It’s so good and fun and somehow feels like the perfect show for fall, you know? Never in my life would I have been like “you know who I need to see together? Selena Gomez and Steve Martin in a TV show about a podcast” but now I need them in every single show I watch. (I’ve always wanted Martin Short in everything TBH.)

Also From Caitlin: Two media links this week! I’ve recommended it before, but 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose is THE BEST Bachelor podcast. It’s $5 a month (or more, if you want!) and worth every. single. penny. It’s laugh out loud funny, it feels like you’re just sitting there and catching up with friends, and their Paradise recaps are not to be missed!!! If you sent me to a desert island and said “you can only bring one entertainment podcast,” this would be it without question. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (You should follow them out on IG, too – their account is SO fun.)

From Ajai: Can you ever really have too many pillows? I’ve been obsessed with stripes lately and have been eyeing this pillow. It’s versatile and can easily be used as a comfy accent piece during any season.

From Mallory: Have you ever been into oddly satisfying videos?? That’s what this Instagram account is, but make it DESIGN. It’s called ‘The Buildsters’ and I’m way too into watching their videos. Seriously I could spend hours.

Also From Mallory: Did you catch the post we wrote on what design styles gen-zs into right now? Well, since I’m TECHNICALLY Gen-Z I decided it was time to lean a lil Avant-Basic because it’s fun…so I bought this cute bubble candle and I’m obsessed. For all the cool aunties that commented on that post, this candle would also make a great gift for your nieces or nephews!!

Ok! Thank you for giving us a few moments of your Sunday (or whatever day you choose to read) and see you tomorrow!

Opening Image Credit: Design by Perron-Roettinger | Styling by Emily Edith Bowser | Photo by Shade Degges | via Architectural Digest

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