Target Haul: All The Clothes Mallory Brought For My Shoot That I Didn’t End Up Wearing… But Really Loved

Target Haul: All The Clothes Mallory Brought For My Shoot That I Didn’t End Up Wearing… But Really Loved


It’s Target shoot week! In a perfect world I go to Target myself to shop and pull together the curated 1-3 outfits that I would wear for our different shoots. However, there was a big accident on the 210 freeway so I had to take the back way up the mountain, missing my favorite Pasadena Target that I had planned to hit. So Mal rescued me and brought up what she thought I’d love. So today I’m going to show you a quick and dirty Target haul. And it’s pretty darn cute stuff.

Dress | Jacket | Boots | Bandana

When I saw that dress I thought it was cute but boring, but then I put it on and it’s REALLY GOOD. The sleeves have a lot of cute volume and the skirt is lined! You know I don’t have the patience for a slip, so this is GREAT for me. I paired it with their duck boots, their Levi’s collab sherpa coat, some wool socks, and a bandana (as per my fall styling educational styling hack post).

Blouse | Jeans | Boots

Here we go with the equestrian vibe again. These were the boots I’ve told you about a couple times but they are so cute and affordable (and so comfortable with memory foam interior soles). The jeans are mine from years ago but these are similar. And that blouse has cute ruffles that aren’t TOO big.

Sweater | Blouse | Jeans | Boots

I actually think this is the second most successful outfit here (the first being the dress with the Levi’s sherpa jacket). Here we have the sweater that Caitlin linked up a while ago that I hadn’t tried but really liked!! It has a good shape – kinda a boyish crew-style that is a good medium length. Of course, Mal even got me a little Victorian blouse for underneath so the collar and sleeves could pop a bit. We were both VERY impressed with those boots – the soles are good and look super expensive.

Jumpsuit | Duck Boots | Boots

Here we have the Sandy Liang jumpsuit that I had wondered about but hadn’t tried. For me, it was hard to style with boots, but I’m VERY picky about jumpsuits. The cut is too important and it can’t hug in the wrong places, and when it’s good it’s just so good (like my old The Great jumpsuit or my new sweatshirt jumpsuit from Alex Mill). I think I should have just worn it with a cuff at the hem and sneakers or Vans, but the crotch is pretty long. Ultimately I prefer a darker or patterned jumpsuit, the cream makes me nervous and I didn’t feel that comfortable. But both boots are awesome. And fun fact, over the weekend I went into Frances May in Portland and spotted this Sandy Liang fleece which was excellent and was VERY BUMMED that they didn’t have it in my size, and then I realized it was $625 but boy was it good. Like really good. Fine, it’s here.

Denim Skirt | Sweater (no longer available) | Boots

I’m so annoyed that this sweater is no longer available (we bought it on Thursday in-store so head to your local Target). It’s so cute and you bet I kept it – a cozy structured ruffle. The skirt is cute too, with an easy fit and a sweet little paper bag ruffle at the top (it’s Who What Wear). Same boots as above, y’all.

Pullover Sweater | Button Up | Jeans | Boots

This was an experiment. I was trying the chambray collar under the 1/4 zip trend that I’ve seen on the social media. Not sure I’m pulling it off there, which means I’m not. The sweater is so cute, though, I just think it’s a lot with the shirt underneath and that combo needs to be under a thicker sweatshirt, not a sweet sweater, but quite literally what do I know.

And that’s what I tried on and mostly really liked from Mal’s Target haul for me. I’ve decided that affordable fashion is mostly about a really good cut, which is the hardest thing to achieve (colors and patterns are easier).

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