Studio Renesa creates green granite interior for restaurant in Punjab



Elgin Cafe by Renesa Architecture in Punjab, India

Architecture and interior design practice Studio Renesa has used green granite to evoke the feeling of alfresco dining at this restaurant, bar and cafe in Punjab, India.

Situated on what was once dilapidated farmland, Elgin Cafe is an emerald-green bistro by day and a restaurant and wine bar by night.

Elgin Cafe by Renesa Studio in Punjab
Renesa Studio used a green colour palette throughout Elgin Cafe to create an alfresco atmosphere

Its maximalist interior was informed by the “feel of the outdoors” and the celebrated emerald green granite found in Udaipur.

“The client had a clear thought of creating an alfresco dining experience with the inside,” Renesa head architect Sanchit Arora told Dezeen. “The lavish seating experience inside is surrounded by greens on all sides.”

“We focused on the use of indigenous materials and this was an opportunity to use the evergreen Udaipur green granite,” he explained.

Green walls and floors in Elgin Cafe
The green granite was sourced locally from Udaipur

The studio used the granite on the wall panelling as well as on the tabletops. Gold furnishings in the bathroom and tan leather seats contrast the otherwise intense dark green colour.

Other features that contribute to the outdoor atmosphere include wicker chairs and an abundance of plants outside the windows.

A green door opens into a bar
The eatery is split into a cafe, wine bar and private dining room

The space is divided into three sections to cater to the demands of the restauranteur, who required space for three types of dining.

Upon entering Elgin Cafe, customers are welcomed into the cafe area which the designers created to have a “day dining aesthetic”. This space then transitions into a bar in the evening with a la carte dining.

Green plates on a marble counter top
The cafe transforms into a bar in the evening

Great importance was placed on ensuring a seamless transition between the day and night experience.

“The idea was to balance the cafe vibe in the morning to a high tea by the late noon to a drinking bar vibe in the evening,” said  Arora.

“The studio felt that the maximalist approach of monolithic colour blocking would provide the subtlety of an easy-breezy space in the morning to an understated luxurious brunch space and a classic dark pour-bar in the evening,” he continued.

Folding shutters and sliding doors separate the cafe from the private dining room, which opens out onto a green garden with a pool.

A small entrance leads to the winery. Here, wine bottles are integrated into shelving alongside a long bar clad in green stone. High stools surround the high table, providing diners with a place to try out the wines.

Elgin Cafe by Renesa Architecture in Punjab, India
The prevalence of green is meant to unite all three spaces

According to the designers, the prominent green colour choice “binds all of the spaces together” at the Elgin Cafe, creating a sense of cohesion.

“The most important aspect about having a cafe-cum-restaurant is the change of the light and time patterns with the space remaining as a constant element,” said Arora.

“The clear thought of merging day and night had to be enforced with a heavy element and the colour does the job well,” he added.

Emerald green was also recently used in another restaurant interior, as design practice Mizzi Studio paired pink terrazzo with emerald-green for Barbajean, a Mediterranean restaurant in Malta.

Photography is by Niveditaa Gupta.

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