South African Design by Lemon


It’s one of my biggest passions, to discover and highlight design around the world here on decor8 because I’ve always been fascinated by how “the others” make spaces beautiful – whether in New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, or Brazil… I delight in seeing what similarities exist to what’s popular locally, but also the differences found that often fit the culture and surroundings of locations afar.

When I received a press release from Lemon in South Africa this morning, Founded by brothers Kevin and Ricky Frankental, I was intrigued seeing their new Downing sofa and because they are in South Africa, an area of the world that I dream to visit ever since learning about Babylonstoren (I hope to go next year), I had to investigate more.



ASHBY table

ASHBY table

Lemon is a South African furniture, art, and interior accessories company. With a new showroom in Cape Town, their focus is to help customers find products that will allow them to create thoughtful spaces which are comfortable, where form meets function, decorative and lovely to be in… AND absolutely practical and useful.




KENT armchair

KENT armchair

They are a design house, so they work with designers and manufacturers who are specialists in their fields – from artists and metalworkers to upholsterers and carpentry aficionados. I love many of their wallpapers, the ashby marble table, and the gorgeous kent armchair most of all. They also have some unique and amazing art prints.

ASHBY table

ASHBY table

“We design with longevity in mind. The antithesis of mass production, our pieces represent our belief in conscious consumption, the idea that less is more, and that universal beauty has no expiration date. We work with manufacturers who understand this – and who share the same passion for quality and considered design.” It’s very clear that quality craftsmanship is central to their business.

One noticeable thing about their brand is that what they create fits a bevy of interiors no matter what your style. Slick, clean modernist house by the sea, country farmhouse in England, Swedish cottage, German altbauwohnung, or an American condo in Boston. This is really the beauty of timeless, classic design – it is so fluid and can fit to so many lifestyles and homes. Think of blue jeans and the classic white button-down shirt. Timeless.





“As with our artwork, our furniture designs started from seeing a need – we found clients were struggling to source the exact pieces they wanted. This in turn prompted a deep dive into learning about the process of making – with no formal training. We always knew what we wanted to create aesthetically but wanted to do it right, and so we’ve spent years studying the manufacturing processes. Underpinning all of our work is a desire to develop the local industry, boost South African talent, and design pieces that last. “

Lemon Design partners with established and new South African designers to create collections since that area of the world is a “rich resource of raw and often untapped talent and our mission is to support and grow the local industry while building our own.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse today to see Lemon and what they’re creating. Next up on the blog this week, I’ll post a colorful, artists-style home tour from The Netherlands with an interview, a lighting round-up, and a lovely post from my friends on a farm in Barvaria who have created a special recipe for all of you. Stay tuned!