Savvy DIY-er transformed her boring backyard into a lovely haven with Poundland bargains


It’s tricky to know where to start when it comes to tackling boring backyards, or out of control gardens – especially when you’re tight on cash.

Except, one savvy DIY-er, Angelika Garlej, proved that you can transform any old outdoor space on a budget as she completely converted her abandoned garden with Poundland bargains and some smart garden ideas.

The 26-year-old from Torquay told that her backyard was littered with ‘random chairs, old paints, weights and odd flowerpots with dead flowers in them.’

Poundland garden makeover

‘I have quite a large garden but most of it is covered in lawn,’ she added. ‘I wanted to make one area where I can enjoy sunny days or eat my lunch.


small courtyard with black and red chair

Image credit: Angelika Garlej

‘A place where I can sit down, read a book or invite a few friends for a BBQ. This outside corner was just a perfect place for it. Plus it really needed some cleaning and decluttering,’ she said.

Angelika, a sales assistant and part-time interiors YouTuber, garnered inspiration from Pinterest and wanted to make the corner ‘nice and cozy on a low budget.’

‘All I really wanted was to have a table, chairs and plants – so very minimalistic,’ she added.

First, she borrowed a pressure washer to hose down the area before covering the floor with straw mats. Then, she spruced up the walls with a fresh lick of white paint, leftover from previous home renovations.

white garden courtyard with blue chairs

Image credit: Angelika Garlej

Once sparkling new, Angelika sourced a set of table and chairs from IKEA for £35, and hit the jackpot with decorative items like vases, pots and lanterns bought from local charity shops. If you are looking to update your own space learning how to clean and restore garden furniture can be another affordable shortcut to a lovely space.

Angelika also bought solar-powered lighting from eBay for £15, then set her sights on sourcing plants and wall baskets for even more of a steal.

‘This year Poundland had such a good selection of garden products,’ she said. ‘All my wall baskets, the trellis and my new plants came from there. They only cost between £1 and £3 each so it was a real bargain.’

garden patio with woven mats

Image credit: Angelika Garlej

Angelika said she ‘enjoyed the whole process’ and that it was ‘really quick…without any difficulties along the way’.

‘My partner and I are big DIY and decorating enthusiasts and we always try to do jobs ourselves,’ she explained.

‘Having a DIY YouTube channel means I like to do most of the projects myself to inspire people and also show them that if I can do it, you can do it also.’

We think the dirty, boring backyard spot has been totally transformed into a romantic haven, perfect for hosting BBQs – can we get an invite please, Angelika?

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