Really Cute Workout Gear That I Feel Really Good In

Really Cute Workout Gear That I Feel Really Good In

Not all workout clothes are made equally, and I know because it’s kinda all I wear. I mostly live in my Vuori pants, but they can be hot for real workouts. So I went shopping and after kissing so many frogs I found a few that I love. Trying on workout clothes is almost as painful as swimsuits, honestly, and I’m always SHOCKED at how stores (Looking at you Dicks) have the most unflattering lighting and the worst dressing rooms. Some clothes made me feel very bad (hugging in the wrong places, bulging in the wrong places, or just extremely uncomfortable), but all of these I feel really really good in 🙂

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers

This is the splurgiest outfit with actual performance gear. The pants (medium) have slight compression but not extreme compression (a huge difference to me) and a wide waistband that stays put thus far and doesn’t cut in (if you are in between sizes size up). The pullover is awesome – pockets and cute details on the back. What you can’t see underneath is an excellent $12 workout shirt (seen below) that is super drapey.

If you are into boxy zippies this one is very cute from Nike (and for another budget the Target one below is awesome).

And yes, the seam up the butt in these pants is flattering (and you bet I’m flexing both cheeks here).

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers | Blue T-Shirt | Sports Bra

I didn’t see these pants in the sun to attest that they are thick enough to shield from the bumps – I’m still in shock that many brands don’t do that test. What you can’t see is that the shirt has a detail on the back that keeps it loose. And those platform sneakers are definitely more lifestyle than working out but I loved them so I’m wearing them a lot just around town when it’s not super muddy here.

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt | Leggings

Introducing the zippy that I’ve been wearing so many days in a row, from Target!! It’s so cute!! I’m wearing a large, BTW and I like how wide and boxy it is. And the color is so pretty. The leggings are also Target (size small) and the color is awesome.

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers | T-Shirt | Sports Bra

I don’t love tank tops or tight workout shirts (mostly because I’m stupidly self-conscious) but I love muscle T’s. I love that one from Sundry (my usual favorite T-shirt brand). Like most of their shirts, it’s really thin and drapey with good graphics. And while I didn’t need both pairs of New Balance, both were just very cool.

T-Shirt | Sports Bra | Leggings | Sneakers

These pants (Target) and top (Target) are so fun and cute (despite my modeling, the top might be too boxy for yoga, FYI). And the sneakers are my new strength training shoes because they are super stable on the base (and I love the color). What you can’t see is my all-time favorite sports bra for day-to-day stuff that I just bought. My issue with sports bras, if you have big boobs, is that nothing is supportive enough for running/jumping UNLESS you wear something so constricting that it’s highly uncomfortable and makes it hard to breathe. This one has an overall compression that I love and the straps don’t cut in more than the actual body of it.

Windbreaker | Leggings

I thought this windbreaker was really cute, but it’s super pricey so I’d say unless you run frequently in wind/rain it might be a bit splurgy (I ended up returning it just because I overbought and didn’t realize it was so expensive).

Sweatshirt | Leggings | Socks (similar) | Slides

Probably my favorite outfit that I have worn SO MANY DAYS IN A ROW. The pants are a brand that was new to me – P.E Nation. They are so cute, flattering, and fun without being too loud. I love those slides, BTW.

Sweatshirt | Blue T-Shirt | Leggings | Socks (similar) | Slides

The sweatshirt is EXCELLENT. It’s slouchy and has exposed stitching and really cute details on the front. And the muscle shirt is another great cheap Amazon find (a tank, but loose and flattering IMHO).

Vest | Long Sleeves Shirt | Leggings | Socks (similar) | Slides

Lastly, I dove into the flared leg trend. I tried on like 14 pairs of these y’all and these are hands down the best. So cute, fun, and very flattering IMHO (the proportions of the flare make other parts of your body look more balanced if you are into that).

The blue shirt I’ve had forever from Lululemon (I love the finger holes). The vest is super cute (I love the shoulders coming out farther than my arms) and has big old pockets with zippers for doggy bags and my phone.

There you have it! In case you missed the whole gym reveal head here. Here’s to wearing workout clothes we actually feel really good in. xx

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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