Outdoor Christmas decor ideas – stylish ways to add festive magic to exteriors

Blue front door wrapped in red ribbon

Looking for outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to welcome your guests? Set the scene by dressing your home with jolly outdoor Christmas decor ideas.

Extend your festive decor beyond your front door, inviting your community to share in the celebrations. The festivities of last year’s Christmas may have been different from seasons past, but with that came the chance to get creative and focus on smaller ways to celebrate. There was less frantic dashing about; more time chatting to neighbours from our doorsteps, decorating our windows to give passers-by a smile, and connecting with our community.

Outdoor Christmas decor ideas

Let’s continue the shared festive spirit by giving our outdoor space a festive welcome this Christmas by adorning homes with stylish bows, decorative wreaths and warm, twinkling lights.

First impressions count, so give these outdoor Christmas ideas a go to make a fabulous festive first impression.

1.Wrap the front door

Blue front door wrapped in red ribbon

Image credit: Future

Trim your front door with a huge ribbon, tied into a bow. This fabulous decorating idea is an easy way to make a wow statement for the exterior of your home. It’s been trending for the the last few Christmas, as homeowners look to make more of an impact with their out Christmas decor ideas.

Use a lightweight material in two lengths, long enough to drape from top to bottom one way and across horizontally. Secure the material on the edges of the door with a staple gun to keep it in place, but out of sigh – ensuring it still closes with no effort. Simply tie the two lengths in the middle, as if wrapping your front door like a gift to the outside.

2. Hang a hearty wreath on the door

Front frot door with Christmas wreath

Image credit: Future/ Rachel Whiting

Go for an oversized wreath to make a real style impact for your front door. Team the foliage with a garland above the front door. to add a further touch of greenery to the exterior. Adding fairy lights to the garland will ensure it is dressed to impress once the daylight fades.

3. Place a Christmas tree by the front door

Christmas tree beside porch

Image credit: Future

Who says Christmas tress are only for indoors? A small potted Christmas tree is perfect to set the scene for season’s greetings by the front door. The beauty of a potted tree is that it can use used year after year, simply keep it well looked after in a corner of the garden throughout the rest of the year.

3. Frame the front door with foliage

Festive front door with garland and snow

Image credit: Future

Wrap a foliage arch around your front door and thread it with baubles and outdoor fairy lights. Balance the look with topiary bushes either side of the entranceway, decorated in the same way to give them a seasonal spruce up. Hang a natural foliage wreath on your front door to complete the look.

4. Curate a decorative bauble and light display

Brass and glass lanterns filled with red gold and white baubles on doorstep

Image credit: Future

Use large glass lanterns to add an alternative festive touch to your doorstep. Instead of filling the vessels with candles try adding colour and glow with a selection of baubles and fairy lights. Mix festive colours, from holly red to regal gold to make the baubles stand out – or choose to coordinate your indoor Christmas colour scheme.

trail a string of LED fairy lights to ensure your display is as captivating by night. Battery-powered LED lights are safe and won’t blow out in the wind. Try Lights4fun for a good range of lights.

5. Set the scene with prop presents

Christmas exterior rustic barn

Image credit: Future

If you have a porch, wrap some empty boxes as pretend presents and stack them outside your door, along with lanterns and a mini Christmas tree to set the scene for present giving.

6. Decorate the windows

Christmas window with paper angels

Image credit: Future

Snowflake window stickers will give your glass panes a seasonal touch. Decorate the windows to projection the festive spirit for those who pass by. This Christmas window decorating idea uses simple paper angels tacked to the inside of the glass, providing a festive motif by day and a glowing angelic shadow by night time illuminations.

7. Fill the trees with lights

Outdoor Christmas lights in trees

Image credit: Future / Alun Callender

There’s nothing more magical for outdoor Christmas decor ideas than twinkling lights. They instantly add ambience and warmth to the occasion. Dress any trees immediately outside your front door, or along a path, with generous strings of outdoor LED lights to elevate your festive decorating scheme.

8. Stage a cosy outdoor spot

Black wooden clad house exterior with Christmas decorations and bench beside a wood burning stove

Image credit: Future/ David Brittain

Style up a favourite bench as the perfect place to greet guests to your home. Add a snug stove or brazier and set out mulled drinks to keep the cold at bay. Don’t forget to pin up a decorative wreath to celebrate the season in style.

9. Create a pretty entrance with foliage

Front-garden-with-green-door-and-wreath outdoor christmas

Image credit: Future/ Ben Anders

Armfuls of seasonal foliage in a substantial water-filled container can be added to and refreshed over the festive season. A nosegay composed of the same plants has been hung at the window and completed with a berry-strewn wreath.

For another nice touch, follow Scandinavian tradition and lay a branch of fir on the doorstep on which guests can wipe their feet before entering the house.

10. Wrap fairy lights around a bush


Image credit: Future/ Ben Anders

Add an element of fun to your garden scheme come Christmas. Battery-powered outdoor fairy lights are easily draped in an around hedging and trees, while illuminated creatures, such as this snowy owl, lend a whimsical feel to the overall effect. Christmas is the party season, so what better way to decorate your garden, patio or courtyard with a spattering of twinkling lights.

11. Style in symmetry


Image credit: Future/ Brent Darby

Use evergreen shrubs and a classic door wreath to give the entrance to your home a festive makeover. A pair of urns and two standard shrubs form a symmetrical frame around the front door, making this property feel extra special at Christmas. A porch is the perfect place for storing walking boots and firewood, adding an extra rustic edge.

12. Adorn the gate with a festive wreath

Christmas frosted pinecone wreath

Image credit: Future/ Ben Anders

Ring the change this season at the entrance to your home. A frosted pine-cone wreath will make a statement on any fence, gate or door. For an extra touch of festive glamour; add your own detail, such as the shimmering silk rose and organza ribbon here. A few sprigs of foliage will add a touch of greenery to this frosty winter scheme.

13. Install a pretty display

tapered candles-and-foliage display

Image credit: Michelle Garrett

Create an outdoor Christmas scene with minimal effort. Fill a rustic trug with seasonal offcuts from your garden (or get them from your local florist) and craft a candle holder for a garden table with a braid of delicate gypsophila.

14. Add a touch of New England style


Image credit: Future/ Brent Darby

Combine English style with East Coast flair on your Christmas porch. Here, white-washed cladding is used to evoke American charm, while vintage finds like the reclaimed sleigh and zinc planters create a nostalgic feel.

Red ‘Santa’ tree toppers and candy canes are tongue-in-cheek but the foliage-and-feather wreath mounted on the wooden door is a pure Christmas classic and a real show-stopper.

15. Spell it out

barn-with-joy-christmas-lights outdoor christmas decor

Image credit: Future/ Ben Anders

Deck your home outdoors as well as in this Christmas to put visitors in the festive spirit before they step through the front door. For a more contemporary treatment, use battery-powered lights to spell out a seasonal message of your choice.  Stick to warm yellow lights to keep the scheme cosy and classic.

16. Make an entrance


Image credit: Future/ Paul Raeside

Give your outdoor space a festive flavour this season. The adventures may have come to a close, but the magic continues outside with a silver wreath, Christmas tree, stag and lashings of fake snow.

A frosty palette of icy whites and forest greens has been paired with cosy Nordic accents and a sprinkling of Narnia for a bewitching festive look.

17. Light up a pathway


Image credit: Future PLC/ David Brittain

Create a stunning outdoor Christmas scene by combining twinkling candles with beautiful foliage. Make a frosty path more welcoming with border tealight holders – a row of twinkling candles will light the way and create a celebratory atmosphere for a Christmas party.

How can I decorate my house for Christmas outside?

There are many ways to decorate the outside of your house for Christmas for a magical greeting for guests and neighbours.
Easy ways to add a festive look to your exterior, firstly is hanging a wreath on your front door; ‘Why not match it to the same colour as your door, window frames or even your garage?’ suggest interior stylish Laurie Davidson. ‘Add twinkle to potted plants outside with outdoor battery fairy lights.’

‘Try dressing low hedges with sparkly net lights, ideal for plentiful coverage. Snowflake window stickers will give your glass panes a touch of festive cheer. Wrap a foliage arch around your front door or frame with a length of garland. Add decoration to any foliage by threading it with baubles and fairy lights.
Line your path or porch with outdoor lanterns filled with battery- operated candles, baubles and poinsettias or holly.’

Even if you’re going away for Christmas, dress up the front of your house for everyone to enjoy.

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