Mrs Hinch reveals the secret to her tidy fridge



Mrs Hinch has revealed which products she uses to keep her fridge organised – and we need them in our lives urgently. The cleanfluencer with 4 million followers on Instagram is constantly posting tips and tricks for a tidy home, and glimpses of her family life.

This includes the inside of her incredibly organised fridge. We’re always on the hunt for new kitchen storage ideas to keep the heart of the home looking neat, and Mrs Hinch’s fridge organisers look like a fab solution.


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Mrs Hinch’s fridge organisers

Mrs Hinch, AKA Sophie Hinchliffe, uses some handy, clear fridge organisers from The Home Edit. The Home Edit & iDesign All Purpose Storage Basket, from John Lewis are quite pricey, but look like they’re worth the splurge.

‘For those asking, I do recommend @thehomeedit fridge drawers!’ says Mrs Hinch. ‘They have definitely given me so much more room!

‘I love being able to see what I have and prepping it ready,’ she adds. ‘Definitely recommend them guys (I bought mine in @johnlewis).’

mrs hinch

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We must admit, Mrs Hinch’s fridge demonstrates a level of organisation we can only aspire to. They’re also a rainbow of colour.

Spinach leaves, grapes and Sunday roast vegetables are all removed from their packaging and placed in their own container. Mrs Hinch has even gone a step further and labelled her plastic storage boxes using a label maker from Amazon.

The Home Edit & iDesign All Purpose Storage Basket | £16
As seen on Netflix’s Get Organized With The Home Edit

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The handle on these fridge organisers makes them super easy to use. If anything, they’ll definitely prevent you from discovering a half-frozen, week-old bag of spinach at the back of the fridge.

Reviews on the John Lewis website praise their strong and sturdy design and stackable, space-saving qualities. Our kitchen cabinets are crying out for some of these – and they’d make cleaning inside our cupboards less of a faff.

home edit fridge organiser

Image credit: John Lewis

We also think they’d work well as a bathroom storage idea or for neatly storing nail polish. Alternatively, the sleek storage boxes would be a great place to put odds and ends that just you can’t find a home for.

Phone chargers, random wires, batteries that actually work… Will you be picking some up?

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