Modektura adds sand terrazzo flooring to Kyiv apartment

Sand terrazzo flooring

Sand terrazzo flooring

A balcony-turned-conservatory features in an apartment renovated by architecture and interior studio Modektura in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kyiv-based Modektura designed the interior to reflect the history of the apartment block, which was initially constructed in 1900.

Ukraine apartment interior
The one-bedroom apartment was renovated by Modektura

“We wanted to tie it back to the house itself,” Modektura founder Maksym Dietkovskyi told Dezeen.

“Colours and textures were chosen to create an interior that feels like it has a history – one that has been waiting for its owner for a long time.”

Corridor in Ukraine apartment by Modektura
The studio added sand to the terrazzo flooring

The studio refurbished the flooring of the apartment incorporating sand into the terrazzo as part of several material experiments undertaken by the studio during this project.

Additionally, marble chips were embedded within the mineral plaster on the walls.

“The idea to experiment with materials was inspired by old decorative techniques, blending them with a modern approach” Dietkovskyi explained.

“Using sand and marble chips not only combined their decorative properties but also created a unique, aesthetically pleasing effect.”

BH apartment by Modektura Studio
The open archways feature an inner wooden frame

Toned-oak, marble, stainless-steel and brass was used throughout the rest of the apartment.

The material palette was chosen to “cultivate a sense of stability and tranquility”.

Doors were swapped for open archways that feature a decorative moulding with an inner wooden frame.

Balcony turned into conservatory in Ukraine
A balcony was turned into a conservatory

A corridor, described by the architect as a “central artery”, extends through the entire length of the flat leading from the kitchen to the bedroom and living area.

A balcony attached to the kitchen was turned into a conservatory. The studio added underfloor heating to ensure a comfortable temperature for the plants.

Refurbished apartment in Kyiv.
Paintings and sculptures are displayed throughout the apartment

To accommodate the client’s art collection, the space includes a library and pedestals for displaying art pieces.

Artworks on display include sculptures by Ukrainian artist Dmytro Hrek, paintings by Kristina Otchych-Cherniak and a diptych by Rostyslav Zavhorodniy.

Mid-century furniture in Kyiv, apartment.
A pair of Cassina tilting back chairs are placed in the living room

The studio, working with the owners, decided to keep the building’s classical elements, notably the decorative cornices.

Mid-century design pieces such as Cassina tilting back chairs, Louis Poulsen glass pendants and Snoopy table lamps from Flos were selected to “collectively evoke a nostalgic retro atmosphere.”

Apartment in Ukraine designed by Modektura architecture and interiors studio
The living room includes a small library area

Modektura completed the project during the ongoing war in Ukraine. The team described having to deal with unforeseen circumstances due to the wartime context.

The reduced number of workers necessitated more extensive supervision and power supply issues and obstacles related to the conflict “significantly complicated the project implementation process,” the studio told Dezeen.

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The photography is by Yevhenii Avramenko.

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