Inspired by Spanish Artist Joselu Montojo



Hello there friends, I’m excited to share a random gem that I magically stumbled over today, the captivating artwork of artist Joselu Montojo. While looking for a new sofa over at RV74, I ended up on their Instagram where they name-dropped Montojo and that’s when I fell down the rabbit hole, head first, mesmerized by his pop-art-inspired female faces in his signature warm, desert palette. After messaging him, I saw that I had originally contacted him back in January 2019 about his work… It’s so funny how things come back to you, beauty is like a boomerang.


Montojo was born in Mallorca and currently lives and works in Madrid with his wife Belén. (Note: He has a lovely playlist that I listened to today while I worked.) Coming from a family of artists, he’s felt naturally very connected to art and drawing ever since he was a child. He feels art is the best way he can express himself, that it’s a drug for him.




Montojo begins with a sketch that becomes a digital drawing that is later printed on mostly linen (sometimes paper) and he admits to his color selection process is as tedious as the drawing itself. His studio is in an attic with a lot of natural light and a small, outdoor space. His wife also works in this shared space, where they also live.




I personally have a lot of work showing female faces, it’s been a big focus of most of my collections throughout the years, which is why I’m so drawn to these.

I also appreciate how Joselu styles vases and pots in his space (see above photos), I’m not sure whether or not he works professionally as a prop stylist but his talent equally lies in styling. For a 29-year-old, he certainly is on the right track and destined for many more beautiful things to come.

If you’d like to see more work from Montojo, you can visit his website or Insta, or read this interview. You can purchase his original pieces here. I hope you love his work as much as I do!

(Photography: Pipi Hormaechea)