IKEA is selling a £15 Christmas tree that's guaranteed not to drop pine needles



Attention, Christmas fanatics: IKEA is selling a £15 Christmas tree that’s guaranteed to be needle-free. The Swedish powerhouse has, hilariously, made a fabric tree.

Hang it up on the wall, and ta-da! You have a tree. Genius Christmas idea or an outrageously lazy choice?


Image credit: Future PLC

The IKEA Christmas tree

Well, it might be a more sensible choice than it first seems. For one, there have been reports of a potential Christmas tree shortage this year.

For this reason, the IKEA VINTER tree could be a good backup in the absolute worst-case scenario. It’s also an option for those that like to have a more-the-merrier approach to Christmas trees at home.

Some Christmas lovers are known to have a ‘main’ one in the living room, another in the bedroom and smaller trees dotted around other rooms. Taking up absolutely no floor space, the IKEA fabric tree would bring an instant festive feel to the tiniest of apartments.

fabric christmas tree from ikea

Image credit: IKEA

You might need to stock up on festive candles to make up for the lack of scent, though. The IKEA website suggests you ‘hang the fabric tight over a wooden frame.’

IKEA VINTER 2021 Pre-cut fabric Christmas tree | £15

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The flat-pack retailer also describes it as the perfect solution for those who want an eco-friendly Christmas, but have limited space. IKEA’s faff-free, sustainable option could also be made into a festive curtain with some hemming tape.

You could also use it as a sink skirt or a small curtain to hide away kids’ toys – if you’re in the mood for some DIY. Made of cotton, the IKEA VINTER tree can go in the washing machine if needed.


Image credit: Future PLC

It’s a far cry from some of the opulent Christmas tree trends we’ve spotted, from oversized bows and ice-cool pastels, but it certainly keeps things simple. Plus, it really comes into its own when it’s time to take the Christmas tree down.

While it might seem totally bonkers, it could work alongside other festive decorations. If you need to deck the halls at lightning speed or hate taking them down again, IKEA’s got you covered.

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