How to Create a Beautiful, Cozy Home: Getting Ready for Colder Months


It is easy to miss the transition between seasons at times. We are so very busy with our daily lives that we really do not have ‘time to stand and star’. But the change from warmer summer months to chillier fall days that eventually lead to cold winters is one you just cannot overlook. You can feel it in the air and with the obvious change of the landscape. As is the case with your wardrobe, your home also need a coat of warmth as we head deep into fall and there are simple changes that can help you create this comfortable, cozy and charming home perfect for colder months.

Fireplace, throws and rug shape this small yet comfy living room
Fireplace, throws and rug shape this small yet comfy living room [From: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer]

1. Improve your Home Insulation

The most basic part of creating a wonderful, warm home that keeps you cozy in winter months is insulation. Everything from the glass you choose for your sliding doors and windows to the overall orientation of the home and materials used for its construction influence home insulation. We suggest you replace any broken or cracked windows with new fiberglass panes, pick out heavier drapes that further help in keeping the heat indoors and get your heating systems in order before the nights start getting really cold. Those with an attic should also consider insulating it properly to cut down on heating costs and to create a warmer home.

Heavy drapes help seal in the heat on cold winter days [From: Patrick Sutton]
Insulate your attic to prevent heat loss and reduces energy bills this fall and winter [From: Attic Wizard]

2. Letting in Natural Light and Heat

The thing about insulating the home for fall and winter is that you want to keep the cold out, but invite warmth and light indoors to make sure the interior does not feel dreary and dark. Clerestory windows help immensely in this regard and you can also let sunlight in during daytime while promptly closing the windows and bringing down the heavy drapes just before sunset to lock in the warmth. A corner in the living area that usually sees ample sunlight this time of the year can be your makeshift sunroom that hosts pleasant morning breakfasts.

Clerestory windows bring both natural light and heat into the kitchen without creating heat loss [From: Supan Builders ]
Colorful and small modern sunroom idea [From: Rachel Reider Interiors]

3. Woodsy Warmth Indoors

From the functional, we move on to the aesthetic features that help create a cozier home. Topping the list and amalgamating both form and ergonomics beautifully are wooden surfaces. Wood not only adds cabin-styled, rustic charm to the modern interior, but is a great insulating material for your walls. Consider an accent wall in wood (at the very least), to further improve your home insulation, usher in textural contrast and keep down the energy bills significantly.

Beautiful reclaimed wood accent all steals the spotlight in this dining room [From: Fama Creations]
Wooden accent walls improve insulation while ushering in the mountain cabin style [From: Reclaimed Design Works]

4. Add a Fireplace

This one is probably the easiest to understand and execute and one that will serve you well for years to come. Two-sided and multi-sided fireplaces are becoming more and more common in open plan living areas and a single fireplace can serve the living area and kitchen dining room in here. Stacked firewood next to the fireplace or in some niche in the living room only accentuates the visual warmth.

Two-sided fireplace serves both the living room and the kitchen in here [From: Frederick + Frederick Architects]
Stacked firewood and modern fireplace bring warmth to this living room [From: kimberly peck architect]

5. Inviting Entry and Living Space

We already talked about the fireplace in the living room and not only is it a fabulous focal point in the toasty warm winter home, but also offers a wonderful mantle space that you can decorate with fall and winter themed accessories. Bookshelves in the living room also elevate the sense of ‘coziness’ with an entry that holds hats, boots and plush coats openly completing the winter cabin-inspired look.

Get your entry ready for increased traffic in fall and winter months
Books always add visual warmth to the modern living room [From: Cory Connor Designs / kazart photography]

6. Bedroom that Pampers you

Just like the living room, bedroom is a place where you spend plenty of your time each day and the cozier this room is, the better in colder months. Apart from insulation and fireplace ideas that we discussed for rest of your home, in the bedroom it is plush fabric and multiple layers of it that enhance the ‘cozy element’. Delightful throws, wool blankets, thick duvets and drapes that complement your bedding are great for this picture-perfect winter bedroom look. Top it all off with a couple of carefully placed candles that really usher in that dreamy, yet comfy winter vibe!

Naturel edge table at the foot of the bed, warm textures and lovely, simple backdrop create a cozy bedroom [From: Cathie Hong Interiors]
Polished bedroom with fireplace and a super-comfortanle headboard with velvet finish
Cozy bedroom with multiple sitting options, luxurious throws and a window seat is perfect for winter [From: lynnette reid interior design]

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