How much your home Instagram account could be earning you – and tips on setting one up



At some point, we’ve all taken a particularly Instagrammable photo of our coffee table, sunlight streaming in, and wondered if we should set up our own home account. As well as being a place to share our new cushion covers and DIY and decorating projects, a home account could be a profitable endeavour.

Estate agents Ellis & Co recently carried out some research to find out how much a successful account might earn you. If you’re embarking on a big home renovation project and documenting the process, why not?

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The estate agent company looked at 100 Instagram accounts dedicated to documenting interior design, renovations and period properties. Ellis & Co also analysed those from celebrities and influencers.

The study suggests home accounts like Susanna Hawkins – @shnordic – who has 433k followers, could be earning over £1,300 per post. Celebrities from the world of reality TV, such as Olivia Bowen and Billie Faiers could be even be earning up to £2,513 per post.

Not too shabby – but we’re sure it’s more of a commitment than it looks. Both stars have a secondary Instagram account dedicated to sharing their homes: @thebowenhome and @homewiththesheps.

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It’s no surprise that home Instagram accounts (like podcasts) are booming right now. Even pre-pandemic, we were already a nation obsessed with decorating our homes, jumping at any Bank Holiday to head to B&Q.

Now, social media has become a key source of inspiration and a way of finding out about home decor trends – alongside Pinterest, YouTube and shopping in-store. And following home accounts is the digital equivalent of peering into cosy living rooms on our walk home from work, without the risk of looking weird.

Dr. Geraldine Tan from @littlebigbell has shared her top tips for setting up a successful account. ‘Create content that is unique, rather than follow what everyone else is doing,’ she tells us.

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Geraldine also says it’s important to stay true to your style and aesthetic with what you share. The homefluencer recommends that you aim to post at least every other day, as well as interacting with your followers.

‘Learn not to be too concerned about the number of likes you get or the number of followers you have,’ adds Geraldine. ‘Create the content you love and what makes you happy, and do not compare yourself to others.’

Wise words indeed. Brb, we’re off to come up with a name for our home Instagram account…

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