Graham and Brown's wallpaper of the year 2022 revealed – will you be decorating your home with it?



The Graham and Brown wallpaper of the year 2022 has been unveiled, alongside its chosen colour of the year.

Every September we are inundated with brands sharing their colour predictions for the year ahead. Recent paint trend predictions have included bold greens and even yellows. However, Graham and Brown have set themselves apart from the crowd predicting that soothing blue hues will be filling our homes in 2021.

The striking Restore has been named as the wallpaper that the brand is championing in 2022. It is partnered with the soothing colour of the year Breathe.

Graham and Brown wallpaper of the year 2022

Graham and brown wallpaper of the year

Image credit: Graham and Brown

Here it is, Restore Midnight in all its glory. The elegant wallpaper is a celebration of nature, self-care and optimism for the future. It has been designed to recreate a modern concrete jungle, showcasing a variety of wild plants, set against a concrete-like backdrop.

The pattern is intended to imitate nature reclaiming the space around us explains Design Manager, Maryanne Cartwright.

‘Through the limited access to the outdoors, we have truly appreciated the importance of nature, and the natural calmness that we find in the elements,’ she explains.

graham and brown wallpaper in restore emerald

Image credit: Graham and Brown

‘This led us to the creation of our Wallpaper of the Year, Restore. Its wild and trailing detailing references the natural habitat reclaiming the urban spaces, questioning our impact on the environment and a need to reconnect with natures healing qualities.’

This is a fitting design as it comes in the wake of the announcement by CEO Andrew Graham, that Graham and Brown would be carbon neutral by January 2022.

Graham and brown wallpaper in restore sky

Image credit: Graham and Brown

The wallpaper is available in three colourways including Midnight which is filled with smoky blue hues, Sky showcasing a cool colour palette and the tropical Emerald.

The organic designs are also available as a bespoke, made-to-measure mural, for any feature wall ideas you might be planning.

Graham and Brown colour of the year 2022

blue colour drenched room with chair

Image credit: Graham and Brown

As the perfectly complimentary colour Breathe has been selected as the 2022 colour of the year. The soothing blue feels like the perfect antidote to the chaotic year and a half we’ve been through.

‘When designing our Wallpaper and Colour of the Year for 2022 we really took our time to consider what is important to us and what we have valued over the past year,’ Maryanne Cartwright says.

‘As time seemed to slow, we had a moment of self-reflection to consider the environment around us from the protective shells of our homes, we discovered the importance of self-care. When choosing our Colour of the Year we considered sustainability and the need to take a breath, this soothing mid-blue hue invokes a cool calmness in almost any room creating a space for reflection.’

blue hallway with lemons

Image credit: Graham and Brown

How to style the colour of the year

Breathe is a surprisingly versatile shade, it is dark enough to add depth to a room but light enough to remain crisp and refreshing. The shade will work in most rooms in the house. However, Paula Taylor, head stylist and trend specialist, recommends pairing it with your existing home office ideas.

‘When designing it I saw it going particularly well in a home office area, or a restful place in the home,’ she explains.

‘The feel of nature and fresh botanicals that comes through in the design helps give a sense of calm, healing, and reconnection with the natural elements, creating a zen atmosphere in even the most stressful spaces.’

colour zoned home office

Image credit: Graham and Brown

Make the most of the lightness of the shade by pairing it with whites and cool greys. Alternatively, it is the perfect complement to deeper blues in a moodier colour scheme.

For a braver twist colour expert, Abby Hesketh recommends colour clashing or zoning with the paint shade. ‘It works really well with deep and dark hues such as Majestic, or for a more playful take, try pairing with a bold Burnt Saffron,’ she explains.

Will you be updating your home decor with these soothing new shades and designs?

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