Gardening expert Daisy Payne says now is the best time to plant a hedgerow



Gardening expert Daisy Payne has explained why now is the ideal time to plant a hedgerow. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, she shared several eco-friendly gardening tips, from getting a water butt to trying out composting.

But Daisy also tells viewers why it’s a great idea to plant a hedgerow before the temperature drops. Here’s why now’s the time to incorporate this wildlife garden idea into your garden at home.

Daisy Payne

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Best time to plant a hedgerow

‘If we’re going to get to net-zero by 2050, we in the UK are going to need to plant about 40% more hedgerows,’ says Daisy. Sharing her tips from the This Morning forest, Daisy reveals how much of an impact individual action can make.

‘If you’ve got a front garden that you need a little bit of privacy in, or you’ve got a bit of space in the garden – why not think about planting up a lovely hedgerow?’ She goes on to say that there is a vast array of varieties of plants to choose from.

It’s worth researching the best options for your garden if you’re keen to try this garden landscaping idea at home. But hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, wild privet and holly are a few possibilities.

wildlife garden ideas

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As well as creating a natural boundary that adds interest to your garden, they’re amazing for wildlife. Some birds depend on hedgerows as a habitat, and they also act as ‘corridors’ for lots of different wildlife to travel through.

The benefits don’t end there, as some small hedgerows in your garden will help with sound pollution, privacy and absorbing Co2 in the air. ‘Planting up a hedgerow at this time of year is fantastic,’ adds Daisy, who had also been busy planting a tree as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Initiative.

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She says that the earth is still a really good temperature, making it much easier to plant trees and hedges than later on in autumn. Gardening expert days says it’s really worth giving a go if you’re looking for front garden ideas.

Rather than having a wooden fence or no boundary at all, we love the idea of a natural barrier that will also support wildlife.

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