FIX IT FRIDAY: Easy Tweaks To Make You Love Your Bed More (+ Watch Us Help 6 Readers Make Their Beds Look Better )

FIX IT FRIDAY: Easy Tweaks To Make You Love Your Bed More (+ Watch Us Help 6 Readers Make Their Beds Look Better )

Typically I’m not a big Black Friday purchaser. It’s mostly because I’m disorganized and don’t plan ahead for things like holiday gift buying (kudos to those who are) but also because I’ve found that I end up buying things I don’t totally need for the sake of a good deal. However, that all changed this past year because I needed new bedding…like bad. Somehow a HUGE hole had found its way into my duvet cover and it was honestly really embarrassing. I am an adult after all (she says to herself). So to the internet I went. I found a great duvet covet and sheet set I thought would look AMAZING on their own (aka no throw blankets and no cute throw pillows). So while my bed didn’t look bad, it also didn’t look GOOD. Sure, could your girl use a bed frame instead of just a mattress on the floor as she dreams up what she wants to design? Yes. But, I also knew I needed some more layers to make it look as inviting as I had originally intended. Basically, this experience is what prompted this “Fix It Fridays” series that I hope you all love (hopefully the numbers are strong enough to keep it going!). Sometimes all it takes are some small tweaks to make an area of your home look awesome. No need to start from scratch because likely you have some great stuff to work with.

Since we are starting with bedding, I thought I would point out some things that are really important to consider when making your bed a visually and physically happy sanctuary:)


  • Make sure to have the correct sized “sleeping pillows”. If you have a king-sized bed or larger, king-sized pillows are going to look SO MUCH better. Trust us.
  • If your pillowcases are the same color or pattern as your duvet or comforter, make sure there’s a visual break between them with at least a top sheet. One easy way? Fold your blanket down past your sleeping pillows.
  • Make sure the main blanket at the end of your bed is a “bed blanket”. This means it’s big enough to hang off both sides of your bed. You don’t want that blanket that looks/is too small. Proportions are important.
  • Unless you want a one-note bedding look that’s all the same color, make sure that your duvet or comforter isn’t the same color or tone as your bed blanket. Give it a little contrast:)
  • We think simple is better, but if you want more than one (long) throw pillow, we wouldn’t recommend exceeding three.
  • If you want a fluffy-looking bed make sure to get a fluffy duvet insert (and mattress topper for extra credit and comfort!)
photo by kaitlin green | from: a beautiful bedroom makeover reveal for my friend, with some of my favorite bedding

So while the “monastery chic” bedding trend has become very popular editorially (the one large blanket that covers the bed and sleeping pillows), we think most people want and love a super cozy looking and inviting bed. We actually wrote a post called “The Right Way To Make Your Bed – Our 5 Best Formulas” a handful of years ago and made some pretty helpful graphics to guide you. These graphics will also very much come in handy as I help our wonderful readers jazz up their bedding situation. So take a peek before we move on!

Above is all about blankets, duvets, and comforters!

And this graphic above is all about pillows. Note that we are also a big fan of sleeping pillows being stacked on top of each other as well as ones that lean against one another:)

photo by tessa neustadt | from: brady’s bedroom makeover with parachute + shop the look

Ok! Now that you have an idea of what our advice is let me show you how to put it into action with these six examples. I want to remind you that when we asked people to submit their beds, we asked people who are looking to love their beds more, not ones that needed a total overhaul. Why? Because we believe that most people don’t need to throw out everything they already have to make them love their bed more. It’s all about changing the way you make your bed and/or adding a couple (or a few) things)to make it look how you dreamed it could. Now let’s dive in!

Helping “The Blues”

From the words of our reader, “Oh man it’s even worse in photos.” It’s vulnerable submitting your home to ask for help but this is by no means a bad bed! But there are some things I think will help:)

First things first, it looks like there are standard-sized pillows on a king-sized bed, thus leaving that gap for the blue throw pillow to nestle in between nicely. King-sized sleeping pillows are going to be a wonderful upgrade. Then I think adding a duvet and folding it back past where the pillows are, with a top sheet, is the move. It will immediately make this bed happier and fluffier looking. At the same time, folding that blue quilt back towards the bottom of the bed about 2/3rds, showing more of the duvet will kick things up a notch style-wise. And while we’re down there, we are BIG fans of bed blankets. Placing one over the blue quilt will add coziness and is a big opportunity to bring in some of the other colors that are in the room. Lastly, let’s get a new throw pillow or two. I personally don’t love it when a throw pillow is taller than the sleeping pillows. However, if you do then that’s great! Here’s a little product board with some suggestions:

Green Velvet Lumbar Pillow | Leather Bolster (affordable option) | Linen Duvet Cover | Knit Bed Blanket

I love the idea of adding that sage green lumbar pillow because it brings in the color of the nightstands, it has some fun fringe, and it looks good with the modern traditional look of the space. But if they want something warmer I will forever love that leather bolster. And while it’s hard to tell the exact colors of the bedding from this photo, a white duvet will work almost every time and help to break up the darkness of the existing blue quilt. Then to balance it all out I love that cream knit bed blanket to drape over the blue quilt for a soft organic feel.

Florals Not Fully In Bloom

This was what this reader said in her email, “Splurged on a boujee King upholstered bed frame and can’t seem to get our bedding quite right!” Well, I think I can help!

Everything in the room is great! But like I said in the “things to consider” part above, you want to visually break up the matching duvet and sham pillows by folding down the duvet and showing off that cute sheet set! Even if this reader just did that it would make a big difference. But I have some other ideas…

Velvet Lumbar Pillow | Ball Pillow | Textured Bed Blanket

It seems like this reader was going for a very serene color palette so I wanted to honor that by choosing soft but really pretty pieces. I love how that light sage green pillow picks up the green tones in the room and then by adding that little round pillow it adds some chic whimsy. It’s a fun but not fussing pillow combo. Lastly, I think adding an end-of-bed textured blanket will do the trick! How pretty is that high-low pattern?? I think it would be pretty nicely folded or organically laid across. Dealer’s choice!

Beige For Days

I will always love a fully neutral bedding combo. Beds are meant for rest and what’s more calming (for most people) than soft natural tones? And this bed is so lovely but this reader wanted to tweak it a little more which is why we are here.

You might have guessed that I want them to pull down that quilt so it’s further down the bed and also fold down the duvet and top set (if there is one) past the sleeping pillows. An instant improvement without spending a dime. But if they have some dimes to spare this is what I would do:

Rust Extra Long Lumbar Pillow | Mosaic Pillow | Layered Stripe Lumbar Bed Pillow | Knit Blanket

I love the idea of adding in some rust tones (if you can’t tell by the product board). I love the contrast of pattern scales of the two pillow combo so much. Oh, and I have also seen the shorter one in person and it’s beautiful. But if they want to stay away from the rust then I think that lightly plaided single lumbar would look great and mirrors the pattern of the quilt. And look this chunky throw isn’t a bed blanket size but would still look great draped over one end corner of the bed with either look.

Almost Great

This is the feeling I can relate to! “I saw the call-out on IG to send in photos of beds in need of styling… “Help! I feel like I have good pieces in the coverlet and accent pillow but it still looks so blah…. Help!”

This reader is not wrong! They absolutely have great pieces but with some added layers it will be perfect:) I would love for them to get a fluffy duvet to bump up the cozy, do our typical folded-back duvet and even further folded-back quilt look, and add a few more accents. Wanna see?

Tufted Geo Lumbar Throw Pillow | Ball Pillow | Grid Knit Throw Blanket | Premium Breathable Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover

Well in the graphic I said to add one more throw pillow but I lied, I want two because how cute are these? I like adding the lighter blue textured small lumbar to play with some more blue tones on the bed for variation and you know how I feel about a ball pillow…I think they are the best. Plus the cream ball pillow talks to the cream quilt they have. Then again, let’s add a white duvet for some neutral tone variations but then add that navy blue knit throw to visually connect the existing pillowcases to the end of the bed. Bam!

In Need Of Life

Here’s the deal with this bed – “We just moved to a new home and would love to make this feel more like ours.” I hope this reader sends us photos when the room is fully designed! But let’s help with the bed first.

This is the “monastery chic” look I was talking about where there’s one blanket that covers the entire bed. It’s not bad at all but since this reader asked for help here’s my two cents. Aside from the duvet/folded blanket at the end of the bed you all knew I was going to say, I think let’s add in some more dimension.

Long Lumbar Pillow | Boucle Lumbar Pillow (12″x24″) | Linen Duvet Cover | Linen Sheet Set

I decided to go with the general color scheme they already have but a little brighter. I love these two pillows because they look a bit more playful but not fussy. Plus the ochre and camel are so good. But to make sure this bed stays serene, I love that oatmeal-toned duvet paired with white sheets. I think all together with their existing blanket would look layered and so pretty. Oh and let’s keep the throw they have! The pattern is great and clearly works with everything else:)

The Final Step

When I saw this room my jaw, I instantly loved it! Do you see that chandelier, the wall color, the bed frame?? Here’s what the reader wrote, “We worked with a fabulous designer (Becky Carter) for the design of the room, furniture, etc but I’m at a loss for how to make our bed up. I feel like I missed that day of Grown-up School. Right now I’ve got Serena and Lily linens on our king bed. If you’re open to giving us advice I’d love to make our bed styling live up to the rest of the lovely room!”

First off, if someone could make a “Grown-up School” I would happily attend. But none of us should feel bad about not knowing how to do everything because like most things they take practice. Secondly, Becky is amazing and everyone should check out her work (including this house which I didn’t clock until I was writing this post!).

There are so many directions to take this bedding because the room is designed in such a stunning and eclectic way. I opted for what I’m calling “quiet fun”, pulling from colors that are already in the room. But first things first, let’s pull back that beautiful white duvet past those pillows:)

Quilted Sham Pillowcases | Extra Long Lumbar Pillow | Round Velvet Pillow | Quilt | Oversized Throw Blanket

So to add a little “soft drama”, I love the idea of these dark gray-blue shams and end-of-bed quilt being folded at well, the end of the bed. As I’ve said, I visually prefer that any sham and throw pillows that sit in front of sleeping pillows are not taller than those sleeping pillows. But again, that’s just a preference. So going back to my design plan, I really love that super extra-long burgundy lumbar pillow for even more drama. But to liven things up, adding in that round fringed velvet pillow is perfect and a little playful. Lastly, I wanted to add a large throw blanket on top of the blue quilt that had a little pattern which is why I chose that pretty, organic striped one. There’s already a decent amount of small-scale pattern with the headboard and rug so a simple stripe I think balances really nicely!

Well, I think that’s about it for me today. I really want to thank everyone who submitted! I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more but hey, if you like this one enough maybe I can do more in this category:) So regardless of whether your bed was picked or if you are looking at your bed right this minute wanting to give it a refresh, I hope this helped.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: Our Bedroom Update (Also How I Feel About Having A TV In The Bedroom)

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