Five Mindful Spaces To DIY At Home



Five Mindful Spaces To DIY At Home


by Amelia Barnes

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Colours: Walls – Dulux Pale Tendril. Trim – Dulux Lexicon® Half.

If you’re currently spending every waking hour at home, it can be mentally hard to differentiate working spaces from those intended for relaxation.

The easiest way to do this is with colour, which has the ability to affect our mood and create a particular feeling in any space.

‘By changing colour in separate areas of the home, it can trigger a response when we move from one room into another,’ explains Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux colour and communications manager. ‘It can be as simple as using a deep blue on the wall behind our monitor (where we stare at our screen all day), and when moving into our relaxing mode, changing the colour in the living room to a soothing green such as Dulux Pale Sage.’

To help trigger positive vibes in your home, Dulux has developed the following project guide to creating mindful zones. The company has also recently teamed up with not-for-profit meditation app Smiling Mind to channel mindfulness into schools, by developing tools and resources to support ‘physical’ mindful spaces. 

‘The creation of a dedicated space through the use of Dulux Colour helps schools reinforce and practice mental health habits to better support children and build resilience in the classroom,’ says Christina Earls, Dulux colour marketing manager.

Colour us inspired! 

Yoga zone

Gentle earth-based greens make us feel relaxed and connected to nature – ideal for creating a dedicated yoga zone in your home, even if it’s just a corner of your living area. 

Andrea recommends choosing a soft green such as Dulux Pale Tendril, with a crisp white like Dulux Lexicon® Half on trims. Add in touches of grounding clay colours for a sense of flow. 

‘Soft colours drawn from nature are known to soothe the mind and promote a sense of wellbeing – just what we need during these challenging times,’ Andrea says. ‘You can use these gentle tones to create quiet, mindfulness zones within your home where you or the kids can switch off and calm the mind.’ 

Keep the look simple and clutter-free with pale timbers, natural textures, and indoor plants. Then roll out the yoga mat, light a candle, breathe deeply, and relax.

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Colours: White walls & trim – Dulux Vivid White™. Blue – Dulux Vanilla Ice Half

Cushion corner

Encourage children to spend time away from devices by creating a specified ‘chill-out zone.’  Designed for quiet play such as drawing or completing a puzzle, this zone can be located in a section of their bedroom or a playroom. 

‘Define the area by painting a section of the wall in a serene light blue, such as Dulux Vanilla Ice, and using a cool white on the remaining walls, such as Dulux Vivid White™,’ says Andrea. Pops of inky blue similar to Dulux Grid on accessories can also help ground the space. 

Older children in particular may be more inclined to use this zone if it feels personalised to them, so involve them in the colour selection process or deciding on shapes. 

Finally, increase the comfort factor with a soft, textured rug and layers of generous, squishy cushions to snuggle into.

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Colours: Beige wall – Dulux Clay Pipe Half. Charcoal wall – Dulux Teahouse. Trim – Dulux Natural White™

Meditation area

Make meditation part of your daily routine with your own nurturing, neutral space. 

Start by designating a spot where you’ll feel comfortable and settled, such as a nook in the living area or the corner of your bedroom.

‘Decorate it with natural, earth-based colours that make you feel safe and cocooned, such as Dulux Clay Pipe Half and Dulux Teahouse on the walls, and a warm white like Dulux Natural White™ on the ceiling and trims,’ Andrea says.

Minimise distractions by positioning furniture pieces with plenty of breathing space around them. Comfort is also a priority, achieved through plush surfaces including textured rugs and layered textiles. 

From there, dim the lights, light a candle and turn your attention inward.

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Colours: Green wall – Dulux Pale Sage. White wall & trim – Dulux Lexicon®

Reading nook

Many children (and adults!) struggle with motivation to read, so it helps to carve out a dedicated reading corner. 

‘Set the scene with a welcoming and laid-back palette of mossy green across a feature wall (try Dulux Pale Sage), with accents of forest green and clay in furniture and accessories,’ Andrea says.

These colours can encourage the mind to relax, allowing your child’s imagination to wander. 

In terms of styling, arrange a daybed, beanbag or sofa with blankets, throws and cushions in different shapes and sizes. Add a side table to store books, magazines and indoor plants to emphasise a natural connection.

‘Just be sure to choose the space for your mindfulness zone thoughtfully. Ideally it should be away from busy spots such as the kitchen and TV room, so you can really tap into your zen,’ Andrea says. 

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Colours: Outer circle wall – Dulux Porcelain Half. Inner circle wall – Dulux Victoriana. Trim – Dulux Vivid White™

Bedroom oasis

If you have a teenager who’s currently learning and socialising at home, chances are they’re sick of their bedroom. Help them fall back in love with this space by giving it a quick and uplifting colour refresh. 

Generally speaking, bedrooms can be vastly different colours from any other space to stimulate an environment conducive to sleep. Andrea says calming pinks and soft layered textures will make this space feel captivating and inviting, and according to some colour psychologists, help to create a positive outlook.

‘Create a unique bedhead by painting a circle shape on the wall behind the bed in a dusty pink such as Dulux Victoriana, and remaining walls in a more subtle, tonal shade of Dulux Porcelain Half,’ Andrea says.

Pile the bed high with soft, tactile bedding to finish – think natural linens, cottons, chunky woollen blankets and decadent velvet cushions.

Discover more inspiration and Dulux colours for mindful spaces here.