Dried Flowers That Feel Summer Fresh



Hi friends, the weather has drastically improved from constant rainfall for months (ugh) to sunshine and warmth (yeah!). As I trade in my dried flower bouquets for fresh ones, I wonder if I should actually mix them together again this year and continue using my dried blooms with fresh ones.

Dried flowers have been quite the “it” floral trend in northern Europe and Scandinavia over the past few years and though it’s fading (pun intended), I imagine we’ll see dried flowers for awhile IF they’re done right and presented in creative ways.

Dried flowers done right also depends on where you use them such as in wreaths, tabletop displays, “floating clouds” above tables, earrings and jewelry, at weddings, etc.

Dried flowers work wonderfully in the Autumn months best of all – above any other season – something about Harvest time, dried grass and flowers, crisp cool air, the smell of pine, smokey chimneys, and spice… I digress… It’s JUNE!


I came across dried flowers today from We Are Flower Girls in Vienna (Insta @weareflowergirls) presented in a fresh, summer-y feel, so if you’re a dried flower fan, you’ll definitely enjoy these arrangements.

I love their dried flower boxes which can be ordered online and shipped straight to your home. These are perfect for rooms that you are not using a lot but still want to keep flowers and color on the table. A guest room, perhaps?

And back to my first thought, do you also mix fresh with dried? If so, you can purchase individual dried flowers from We Are Flower Girls and have them shipped directly to your front door.

I love to mix billy buttons (dried) with fresh flowers, or to add dried palms in cream, or another fantastic color like pale pink or lavender to a bouquet for a sculptural effect. It’s also very soft and pretty to add in some sprigs of bunny tails (dried flowers that look like they have tails at the end)… They come in lots of colors and are quite cute.

I can’t NOT mention pampas and other dried grasses. I see designers popping them into large floor vases just like my mom did in the late 80s.

Oh, and I can’t forget Silberblatt (Lunaria) or as my mother – a florist – always called them, Penny Leaves. Also beautiful to incorporate into a fresh mix of flowers.





Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 4.36.40 PM.png



Mixing dried with real is actually a wonderful trick to create a fuller arrangement for less money and to make the overall bouquet feel very unique and quite tactile – loaded with texture and color.

Do you work with dried flowers? It seems people fall into two strict categories – either TEAM LOVE THEM or TEAM HATE. Which are you?

I’m one of the few who LIKES them a lot, but not enough to ONLY use dried – so I mix flowers up in my home – dried, fresh, dried with fresh, and I’m happiest this way.

Wishing you lots of sunshine and flowers in your part of the world today.

Loads of love,


(Photos: We Are Flower Girls)