Designing BOXI by Semihandmade with IKD



Discover the advantages of designing your new BOXI space with IKD

IKEA customers are likely familiar with IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework, but there is another option available for your design needs.

Los Angeles, CA-based Semihandmade is a leading third-party custom cabinet front manufacturer whose offerings fit perfectly with SEKTION. Now, Semihandmade is evolving into a fully realized lifestyle brand and the company has launched its own line of cabinets: BOXI by Semihandmade.

One main distinction between BOXI and SEKTION is that BOXI cabinets arrive pre-assembled, with door and drawer fronts attached, whereas SEKTION requires professional installers (or highly skilled DIYers) to assemble and install the cabinets. BOXI also features a curated selection of some of the most popular drawer and cabinet fronts with which to choose from in the market, including options for base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and vanities (such as Shaker, Slab, Woodgrain and Edge door styles). The Shaker style comes in a Matte finish (Salt and Mushroom); the Slab style also comes in a Gloss finish in Ice and also is available in a Matte finish (Salt and Mushroom); the Woodgrain door style features a horizontal grain pattern on doors/drawers and a vertical pattern on most panels/trim; and the Edge door style features a Matte finish (Peppercorn) as well.

As such, our design team would like to share some of our recent designs using BOXI, including a classic-style kitchen; a modern kitchen with two-tone cabinet fronts; a master bath with open storage and even a make-up vanity area so that you can look your best before starting your day. Basically, if you’ve been researching examples of IKEA kitchens (or baths) on Web sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest and are in need of additional design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s see how designing BOXI with IKD can work for you!

Classic Warmth

For IKD customers Duane and Carrie from Des Moines, IA, their kitchen was a perfect fit.

“We found IKD online and liked their work. We really wanted a space that provided greater access to items stored in a recessed area of our kitchen and IKD recommended BOXI. We’re so glad because it made organization and meal prep so much easier for our family,” Carrie says.

Specifically, IKD recommended a 45” wide Oat Slab blind corner cabinet with a white half-moon organizer, ideal for housing extra bowls and other cooking items. The Oat Slab door style from BOXI by SHM also adds a classic warmth to the space.

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use BOXI and it was a relief to not have to worry about assembling any of the cabinets — we love it!” she concludes.

standard base cabinets

Storage and Style

A similar solution was found for IKD customer Chris and Tanya from Miami, FL who wanted plenty of storage and style in their kitchen.

“We love to bake together and wanted a design with an efficient workflow. One of the things we insisted on was a place to keep track of all the lids we use while cooking. IKD’s recommendation of using BOXI was a very clever solution,” Chris says.

To accommodate their request, a lid organizer was suggested to complement the 15”-wide Mushroom Shaker standard base cabinet located next to the range. This frees up storage space within the other base cabinets and leaves all needed pots and lids readily accessible for the couple. “It was such a simple solution but it has made a big difference in our enjoyment of our kitchen!” Chris says.

“Our designer was extremely knowledgeable and took the extra time in his communication to point out even the smallest considerations. I honestly don’t know if we would’ve moved forward without his guidance,” he concludes.

peppercorn doors

Modern Mix With a Twist

Sometimes you just have to mix it up. This was the case for IKD customers Mary and Jay from Las Vegas, NV, who wanted a dynamic modern-style kitchen.

“We have very modern sensibilities but also wanted a touch of warmth in the kitchen to blend with the rest of our home. When we saw the design that IKD created for our BOXI kitchen we knew it was exactly what we wanted. Overall, it was a great experience. We were doing a remodel (remotely no less!), and IKD’s attention to detail and collaboration helped us get to the finish line feeling very confident in our choices,” Jay says.

In order to create visual interest, IKD’s design team suggested a two-tone BOXI kitchen featuring Peppercorn (Edge style with Matte finish) for the tall and upper cabinets around the stainless steel refrigerator and the Rye Slab door style for the center island and above the countertops. Together it creates a dynamic, unique look while also providing ample storage options. “The combination of the dark and light wood styles really works well together. It’s now our favorite room in our home!” Jay concludes.

boxi for bathroom spaces

A BOXI Bathroom

BOXI is not just for the kitchen either. Just ask IKD customers Maureen and Tom from Wykoff, NJ, who requested an elegant master bathroom with tall cabinet storage.

To that end, our design team suggested BOXI’s Rye Slab vanities with Salt Shaker tall cabinet placed between the his and hers sink areas. This establishes a clear separation for the couple’s grooming areas and provides tremendous storage options for towels and robes, as well as additional storage for other items in the pullout drawers.

“We love being able to get ready in one area and having so much storage in our master bath has made a big difference for us, we’re so excited to order our BOXI cabinets,” Maureen concludes.

boxi tall cabinet for bathroom

Open Storage Options

Another BOXI master bath we recently designed was for IKD customer Ricky in Portland, OR.

“I was not expecting to see open storage in my bathroom design as it was not part of my inspiration images but when I received the initial concept design from IKD I loved it. It provided additional storage space for my towels and gave me the spa-like feel I was going for. I couldn’t be happier with the results,” Ricky says.

Specifically, Ricky selected BOXI’s Mushroom Slab (Matte finish) floating vanities with open storage and Oat Slab tall cabinet for additional storage space. The open storage gives the bathroom more depth and maximizes space for added (base) storage and the tall cabinet provides a unique area to store extra linens and grooming items.

“The space is so convenient now and I have much more storage space than I even imagined!” he concludes.

salt shake door style

Make Up Vanity

Lastly, we’ve also designed a BOXI make-up vanity with a tall cabinet in the Salt Shaker door style for IKD customer Marissa from Brookhaven, NY.

“The light color of the door style adds such an elegant feel to the area,” she says.

Not only that, the cabinets also provide a variety of storage options for Marissa, including the tall cabinet for dresses and business suits as well as pullout drawers for additional perfume and makeup, jewelry and scarves.

“The vanity area has really exceeded my hopes and I’m very happy with the feel and style of the space. IKD also added all the flooring, light fixtures and mirrors I planned on using so I was able to see my ideas come to life,” she concludes.

As you can see, BOXI by Semihandmade offers a variety of options for just about any room in your home. And in the right hands — like with the design team at IKD — you can be sure that your design vision will be achieved without compromising storage, space or style. (Remember, IKD has been recommended by The New York Times as a design resource for customers considering custom doors for their cabinets.)