Decorate Your Home With Pastel Wallpapers



Who doesn’t like having a peaceful sanctuary in their house where they can escape with their favourite book for hours? Or a snug corner to meditate and feel like they’re on a weekend getaway? We all do! Using pastel colour wallpapers is one way of bringing fresh air into your home. Before we get into the multitude of available pastel options, let’s understand what we are looking at.

What Are Pastel Colours?

Pastel colours are simply brighter shades of popular colours. They are the result of mixing white with familiar, common colours. Pastels give a sense of neutrality and calm, which is why they are a popular interior design choice today. While these shades are comparatively muted, that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. The best part is that they can be used both as a base for design and details. While powder blue and pink hues are some of the most preferred choices, there are tons of other pastel palettes available in the market, like:

  • Mint green
  • Dove grey
  • Lavender
  • Warm grey
  • Canary yellow
  • Sand
  • Bright green
  • Peach pink
  • Ivory

Numerous designers swear by pastel colours and refer to them as ‘graceful’ – and they’re not wrong. Pastel shades do bring a certain level of grace that’s unique to them. Besides working perfectly in any home interior, they can also be combined with other shades. You can use them in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, children’s room, and office.

What’s also unique about pastel colours is that they have soothing properties which promote relaxation and focus. This quality makes them ideal for working as well as relaxing at the end of a long day. With pastel colours, the opportunities are endless, especially if you’re looking to use them as wallpapers.

Decorating your interiors with pastel wallpapers adds a delicate touch to your rooms. In a way, the walls seem more pleasant and happy. And who doesn’t like some charm and cheer? Plus, among homeowners, wallpapering has become exceedingly common. So why not experiment with this trend? Here are some of the potent pastel colour wallpapers that you can consider for your living room or bedroom.

Trending Pastel Colour Wallpapers

Soft Pink

Pink is one of the first shades that comes to people’s minds when they think of pastel colours. It’s a soothing colour that radiates care and affection. So if you’re a couple, this one is going to be perfect for you due to its romantic tone. You can add blankets and cushions in a matching shade. Pillow talks are going to change forever!

Greens and Blues

If you’re someone who favours sophisticated hues, this one should be your pick. By pairing greens with blues, you can effortlessly achieve a bohemian feel. They’d give your surroundings an elegant and chic look. You can even go for lighter tones, or jazz it up as per your liking.

Mellow Yellow

When it comes to pastel colour wallpapers, we can’t forget yellow. It is the bright colour of happiness. This would be ideal for a room that doesn’t get too much natural light. You can set the proper contrast by pairing it with brown accessories. Not only will it showcase a bold look, but also one of optimism.

Floral Sky Blue

One of the best pastel wallpapers to breathe life into your surroundings is this one. The combination of sky blue and pink will revamp your walls in no time with a refreshing splash of colour. It can be combined with minimalist wooden furniture to give the surroundings a stylish vibe.

Minimalist Pale Grey

Let’s not forget the minimalist within (some of) us! Not everyone likes their surroundings to pop too much vibrance. The lighter tones in this pastel wallpaper lend it a classy look. Not to forget that when combined with white and wooden accessories, the chic factor is multiplied. You can also pair these hues with some green succulents and ferns.

Classic Beige

This pastel colour wallpaper has been around for ages and will continue to be. The neat and royal look the shade lends to walls makes it a fond choice among people. Moreover, it goes effortlessly with numerous other shades and almost all kinds of decor. It is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile pastel wallpapers out there.

Pastel Rainbow

No rule says you can’t combine multiple pastel shades. Colour blocking isn’t only restricted to outfits today. Pastel colour wallpapers with asymmetrical geometric patterns can instantly grab anyone’s attention and make them feel cheerful. This makes them an ideal choice for your little one’s bedroom.

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Pastel colours are bright variants of traditional colours that make them an ideal, modern choice for wallpapers. As they are not saturated, you can play around with them using some unique designs. The pastel wallpapers mentioned above are some of the trendiest options dominating the market today.

HomeLane offers pastel wallpapers that can provide a sophisticated and chic look to your home. So, go ahead and take your pick! Your long and tedious search for the right touch to lend your home ends at HomeLane.