Cozy and Multifunctional Tiny Studio Apartment



Scandinavian design is all about coziness and getting the most out of space at the same time. This studio apartment is a great example that with careful planning you can fit multiple areas, no matter how tiny the apartment may seem at first.

The main color in this apartment is a warm shade of white, which opens the space and makes it seem much bigger than it actually is. All walls are painted in white, but the space does not look monotonous, thanks to mirrors and abstract paintings on the wall. The central area is a combination of a living room and dining area that is connected with the kitchen. Big white windows make this area more spacious because it feels like it’s connected to nature outside. A massive white couch with colorful cushions is the first thing you see when you enter the apartment, making the room look very cozy and welcoming. Great first impression! There is a soft beige carpet and a wooden coffee table where you can place your cup of coffee while you relax on the couch.

The dining area has a round table with four modern white chairs, allowing you to host dinner parties in this tiny apartment. TV is placed on the wall, in order to save some space and to be able to watch it both from the couch and the dining area chairs. However, the beautiful green kitchen could be the most prominent part of the apartment. It’s massive, made of natural materials, and it simply invites you to spend time cooking and baking goodies. The designer wanted to use every inch for storage space, so kitchen cupboards are very tall and you can use them to store other things as well.

Finally, the bedroom area. Making a private bedroom area in a tiny studio apartment like this can be very challenging. However, the architect did a great job because the bed is hidden behind a kitchen wall, allowing a certain level of privacy. The bed is made of wood painted in white, just like the rest of the apartment. Under the bed, there are massive drawers that look elegant and rustic at the same time. You can use them to store bedsheets, or as additional storage space for the clothes. There is also a big mirror that makes this small area look much more spacious.


The overall feeling is that this Scandinavian apartment looks much bigger than it actually is, thanks to nude colors, plenty of light, and carefully chosen furniture. The apartment is very comfortable and every corner has a different function. It feels like there are four separate areas: one for cooking. one for dining, one for sleeping, and a living area for relaxing after work or socializing with friends and family. However, every part is in harmony with each other, and details play a huge role in it. From different paintings on the wall to soft cushions and rugs, and flowers that decorate both the kitchen and dining area.

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