Bonkers or brilliant? IH's verdict on that divisive Changing Rooms splattered blue wall


Last night’s episode of Changing Rooms, saw 2LG Studio’s Russell and Jordan transform a neglected dining room into a modern cocktail bar.

As ever, there were some eyebrow-raising design features including a blue paint splattered wall which is dividing the internet. So, is it a brilliant or bonkers paint idea?

The interior designers called their design manifesto ‘Back to the Futurism,’ combining modern features with vintage elements, like the gramophone unit. Previously, the room was totally lacking in oomph – now, it’s a multifunctional lounge bar that makes a statement.

Russell and Jordan used Brass Buckle Dulux paint on and wood panelling on the walls, with a bold splash of Honest Indigo to zone the seating area.

dining room from changing rooms with blue wall

Image credit: Channel 4

Dulux Creative Director Marianne says that Brass Buckle has a wonderful, heritage quality to it, making it perfect for this retro-inspired brief. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but the clients loved the whole thing.

The big reveal had happy tears and homeowners Tom and Richard were astounded by the transformation, commenting that the splatter effect paint was their favourite thing.

However, the Ideal Home team were less convinced and had a lot to say about that paint-splattered blue wall…

Brilliant or bonkers?

‘While I love a bit of colour-blocking, this just looks like I dropped a can of paint and tried to cover it up with some seating,’ says Ideal Home Editor Heather Young.

changing rooms blue wall feature

Image credit: Channel 4

‘Although it’s totally bonkers, I think it’s good that it distracts from the cube feeling of that room, with every surface being the same camel colour,’ comments Digital Editor Tamara Kelly. ‘I think the ‘rum & coke’ paint effect was worse!’

News Editor Rebecca Knight isn’t sold on the paint splatter effect either. ‘I like the colour combination and the idea of blocking out the seating in a colour,’ she says.

dining room from Changing Rooms

Image credit: Channel 4

‘But I think this is might have been better suited to a kids’ bedroom idea,’ Rebecca adds. ‘It’s got very early noughties CBBC/Dick and Dom in da Bungalow vibes.’

Senior Digital Editor Jenny McFarlane comments that it could look very Jackson Pollock in a more modern setting. Maybe the look would be more at home in a fancy hotel lobby or bar, rather than a standard dining room…

We’re not convinced by this one, but can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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