A dull kitchen was given an injection of colour and pattern for less than £250

A dull kitchen was given an injection of colour and pattern for less than £250


One homeowner spent less than £250 on a pastel kitchen makeover with a gallery wall, transforming the space from drab to fab.

Annabelle Taylor and her partner Joe transformed their dark, lifeless kitchen into a colourful paradise, filled with pastel kitchen ideas.

Pastel kitchen makeover

‘I love anything bold and eye-catching,’ she told sofa start-up Swyft Home. ‘I love being individual and always putting my own spin on everything I do, so decorating my house was going to be no different.’

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Before, the room felt small and dark. Annabelle documented its transformation with some clever budget kitchen ideas on her Instagram account @built.on.love.and.shenanigans.

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When the couple first moved in, they found the kitchen to be a dark space and were keen to brighten it up. Not only that, but Annabelle longed for more luxurious-looking worktops.
‘I really wanted a white marble surface, however that would have cost a fortune,’ she says. ‘Instead, I found white marble vinyl wrap for £7 a roll and managed to do the whole kitchen for £28!’
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The first thing you’ll notice is all the artworks that flow around the walls, peppered with shelves, garlands and a large neon sign.

‘I recommend shopping around and being imaginative,’ Annabelle says. ‘We did a lot of upcycling after finding things super cheap on Facebook Marketplace. Also try accessorising what you already have, as this can be a great way to give something a new lease of life and transform a space.’

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A small pink wood trolley slots neatly into an alcove and is home to pet treats and bowls, while the breakfast bar has had stick-on tiles used underneath to give it a new look.

‘The other big change I made was to our tea and coffee station, which was originally a big set of cupboards that did nothing for the space,’ says Annabelle.

‘I managed to get a free Welsh dresser from my family and used the top part as a shelving system, which I painted using tester pots (to keep costs down).’

Image credit: @built.on.love.and.shenanigans / Swyft Home

Annabelle also attached hooks at the bottom of the shelves to hang some pretty pastel mugs, and used the same stick-on floor tiles as on the breakfast bar for the wall, to give it the look of a splashback.

‘It’s completely opened up the room and transformed the space,’ she says.

Image credit: @built.on.love.and.shenanigans / Swyft Home

On another wall, a fun lemon-print wallpaper has been used and even the appliances fit into the scheme, with a pastel blue microwave taking pride of place, rather than hidden away.

Have you been inspired to give your space a colourful transformation?

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