A Cooling, Lilac-Hued Apartment Transformation

A Cooling, Lilac-Hued Apartment Transformation

A Cooling, Lilac-Hued Apartment Transformation


by Christina Karras

Inside Claudia Lambert’s living room. ‘Ora Series 2’ by Amelia Axton (Sibu Gallery). Akari UF3-Q light sculpture.


Mango wood coffee tables from James Lane.

‘This whole redesign began when I fell in love with Amelia Axton’s artwork,’ Claudia says.

‘The Final Fairytale’ wall sculpture by Brett Anthony Moore (Curatorial Gallery). Walls painted Dulux Partita.

Artwork by Vicki Lee x Ted O’Donnell.

Marble accents and timber furniture ground the home’s lilac colour palette.

The calming bedroom. Sculpture by Liam Snootle (Studio Gallery). Bedding from Ecoy.


Artwork by Daniel O’Toole.

Oslo bedhead by Heatherly Designs. Bedside table lamp from Euroluce.

Oslo bedhead by Heatherly Designs. Artwork on wall by Will Cooke.

‘Dead Ringers’ ceramic vessel by Mega Fauna Studios.

‘Peach Boulder’ by Amber Hearn (Curatorial Gallery).

Claudia Lambert has been in her self-proclaimed ‘pink era’ for almost a decade.

That’s why the recent lilac-themed renovation of her own Sydney home marks a certain shift into new territory for the interior designer, who sees the apartment as an experimental canvas for her eponymous studio.

‘As a designer, I get exposed to so many beautiful things, so my home is a constant revolving door when it comes to furniture and decorative elements,’ Claudia says.

‘I get very easily inspired and excited for change, so knowing I have free reign on my own place is liberating. I don’t have to overthink things and can take more risks when it comes to art, lighting, and placement of pieces around the home.’

In fact, Claudia’s pad was filled with warm tones and her signature pink accents until just a few months ago, when she came across an abstract painting by Amelia Axton at SIBU Gallery that sparked a series of cosmetic changes. The piece features a wash of cool-toned colours, graduating pastel lilacs into a deep indigo that almost resembles a dreamy sunset sky.

Using the artwork as a springboard for the new colour palette, Claudia impulsively painted the whole home in a purple-based grey called Dulux Partita. ‘I wanted to cool things down a little for a change,’ she adds.

It only took her a weekend to paint the walls herself, before incorporating blue decorative throw pillows alongside contrasting ‘black and white’ pieces, like the Akari UF3-Q light sculpture and striped Missoni cushions.

‘From there I chose a set of mango wood coffee tables from James Lane to ground the pale lilacs; a plum speckle bench seat from GlobeWest for the hall to tie in the lounge room chairs; and I carried the blue into the bedroom with sky-blue bedding from Ecoy,’ Claudia adds.

Fast-forward just one month later, she’d finished curating the home’s new vibe. Everything is tied together perfectly by the graduating tones and tactile textures, ranging from shiny gloss details to earthy timbers.

It might have started as an impulse, but Claudia says the chic redesign stands as a reminder to change things up every once in a while.

‘Experimenting with colours I previously shied away from was fun,’ she says. ‘I think it’s so important to be brave with your interiors, don’t limit yourself to a certain caliber of vendor. Search far and wide, between high-end, vintage, thrifted and shop from the mainstream outlets too — if you have the eye, you can find gems anywhere!’