6 Bean Bags You’ll Actually Want In Your Home

6 Bean Bags You’ll Actually Want In Your Home

6 Bean Bags You’ll Actually Want In Your Home


by Christina Karras

Nomad Green Bean Bag (left) and Blue & White Tartan Wool Bean Bag (right) by Koskela. Photo – Supplied


The relaxed shape of Koskela‘s bean bags is elevated by a range of different fabric choices, such as leather and denim (that you can switch up as the seasons change!). Chill out on a lightweight cotton lining in summer and cosy up in winter with a tartan wool design.

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Flowers by Kane Lehanneur Bean Bag (left), Chestnut Bean Bag and Forest Block Bean Bag (middle), Steel Block Bean Bag by Basil Bangs. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Basil Bangs

You’ve probably seen Basil Bangs’ outdoor and beach umbrellas everywhere in the last few years, but did you know the Sydney-based brand makes bean bags too? These cute two-tone bean bags are designed to be used both inside the home and outdoors, thanks to a durable, water-repellent fabric — and they’re washable too!

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Indoor Bean Bag (right) and Indoor Bean Bag Quilted (middle) by Lujo. Photo – Supplied


All Lujo products are made in New Zealand, but the Australian brand draws inspiration for its luxurious Kyoto bean bags from Japanese design principles. The silhouette features minimalistic, clean lines and curved proportions, which you can pair with matching footstools and ottomans for complete comfort.

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Lil Outsider Bean Bag in Navy (left) and Outsider Bean Bag in Clay (right) by Pony Rider. Photo – Chris Searl

Pony Rider

If you love lounging outdoors, Pony Rider’s Outsider Bean Bag is the perfect laid-back seat for the backyard, poolside deck, or kid’s room. The durable and comfy canvas can withstand being ‘chucked around a little’, and comes in signature colours like navy, clay, and olive — just to name a few.

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Linen Bean Bag in Tobacco, Charcoal, and Natural by Linen Social. Photo – Dominique Nurtsch

Linen Social

Just like all of Linen Social’s bedding, this bean bag is made from 100 per cent French linen. We love the simplicity of the teardrop shape, and the muted colours of tobacco or natural linen would be a welcome addition to any coastal home or living room.

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Plain Indigo Bean Bag (right) and Brushstroke Bean Bag (left) by Ink & Spindle. Photo – Lara Cameron

Ink & Spindle

Ink & Spindle creates original textiles inspired by the Australian landscape — including some endearing printed bean bag covers.

The patterns feature motifs of golden wattle and black cockatoos that have been handprinted in the brand’s Melbourne studio, using linens woven by an ethical mill in Belgium. The oversized shape of the bean bag has been designed to offer plenty of support, but it also helps Ink & Spindle eliminate fabric waste!

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